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  1. Well i was stoned and came up with the idea of this post. Basically what would you do to change the world? Me for instance, i would find a way to enlighten people who don't quite understand of what our beloved plant really is and explain that the benefits of full out legalization would be. But mine is in motion, so what would you do to change the world my fellow blades?  :bongin:

  2. I don't know, I've been thinking about this lately.
  3. Make the plot of star trek a reality. 
    They explain how humanity is united after we discover we are not alone in the universe and part of a galactic community. Changing human nature in regards to how we treat one another is either impossible or would take a loooonnnggg time. However, if we could adopt even a "us vs them" mentality,  things would get much better.
  4. I would help anyone in need. Go to vice and watch the cannibal one it is so sad I would also make marijuana legal. But what I would really like to do is help out other countries.
  5. Give everyone on earth a fair and equal chance at life....make our country the world and our religion to do good!

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  6. Also have a scientific based government to better everyone

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  7. replace sheep farms with weed farms
  8. not really sure but one thing i'd do is replace chemotherapy with cannabis oil since its been proven to be safer and more effective at treating/curing cancer and various other illnesses

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  9. I wouldn't do much differently aside from raising awareness of some of my nonprofit fundraisers for families in need ( cancer patients, families who have experienced loss or tragedy in some way etc). 
    I'm planning to go over seas to help build a school in the upcoming year. 
    I'm sure there are other things I would consider but right now I can't think of them. 
  10. Replace weapons with bongs and ammo with ounces. Why fight and die when you can toke and fly?
  11. Make the following illegal yet rarely acknowledged, much less punished infractions punishable by death penalty:  failure to use turn signal, tailgating, driving too slow in the fast lane
    Would cut accidents down by ten billion percent from the preventative perspective alone.   And then all the ruthless executions would really clean things up too..clean for the folks who want to drive right!
  12. Nothing. The world seems to be doing fine without me, just work my way into it and do my own thing, whatever that is
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    Make world peace and equality a reality. Also free ounces of chem dog ,and 6 fully customizable pizzas for everybody in the world!
  14. Become prime minister of australia.

    Abolsh taxes exept gst.

    Control the drug trade- from this stems 3 pros: 1, the government is in control, which means no fuck arounds 100% pure products-
    2, you wont have these shit cartels killing innocents, you wont have stupid murders over money or paranoia,, wont have these uneducated gang thug fucks thinking they run the streets because they 'hustlehard'-
    3, money from the trade is used to keep infrastructure in order and updated..seeing how 1 drug lord can Have over close to 250m, and god knows how many there are,, if there was only 1(for each country) then all profit goes to them,, back to the people.

    Your probly thinking the cons of having an alterd society well let me tell you that in fues world there are no cons. Because EDUCATION is KEY..

    Re structure the whole education system-TEACH KIDS THE VALUE OF LIFE NOT VALUE OF LIVING. Think of everyschool as an advanced university for kids teaching a more centralist style of living- practical life skills; basic cooking basic mechanics, carpentry etc,, advanced math and english(emphasis on punctuation!!!) Aswell as art, meditation music sports etc.. also teach them about ego and RESPONSIBLE DRUG USE.(why teach them ego?? Because ego is what seperates us from eachother. Ego creates fear, creates status- why would a kid bully on someone if they didnt feel 'bigger' over the other person?)Now whilst teaching them the many skills needed to sustain themselves during life, you also teach them how to handle drugs and party properly. teach them they dont need it every day of their lives' either every weekend,, in moderation. And in all cases not all drugs either. The ego now seperates people who received the best education about the subject,,yet still get on the harder shit every day--

    now imagine this world run by some craaaaaacked cunt and his goons.. the police force will be a kinda reserved mercinary force bent on chopping the fingers off theifs, and those who steal after their fingers off will have the whole hand removed, then after that forearm- and if they still dont get it after that--instant death.

    Actual jobs remain the same tho stricly no drug use during work.

    Prostitution would be legal- girls run themselves no big mac daddys pimps running shit unless its an actual exotic massage palor

    Sanitation will not be buryied and used as landfill.... it will be incinerated,the methane gasses and toxic pollutants will be filtered out and will be used as a power source,, some hard plastics can burn for days,, however bad that toxic smoke is,, it can be used as an alternate fuel source.

    Power- power will come from thermonuclear magnetism. And batteries will be a thing of the past,, as with leads and extension cords running everywhere,,, nuclear powered batteries...

    Vacuum powered cars,,also nuclear

    Seeing the world will be peacefull everyone gets along,, the global sport of paintball comes to mind a fun pasttime that requires precision etc... paintball guns will be legal,, replacing the bbgun and real weaponry""' the only militia we will have is to fight intruder space ants

    And space exploration will also be a major front,, as wel stop raping our earth for resources and go skim the dusty/gassy planets around us for more 'exotic' elements.

    Religion stays the same whatever gives you faith''gives you faith.

    Well that sums it up what I would do if I suddenly could suddenly be of top authority.....
  15. Remove all borders, create a global language, legalize all drugs, paint psychedelic compounds in a spiritual light, somehow get people to realize that we are all the same (possibly through previous compounds), turn all money spent on war onto science/medical/aeronautical/technological innovation, make lobbying illegal, complete rehaul of the justice system/congress, have a staff of enlightened humans rewrite the constitution in a modern sense, and have hemp farms EVERYWHERE

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