the unOFFICIAL 'im single and it sucks' thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by joe Biggs, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. for those like me. bump this thread to vent your singleness. it sucks i know, im living it too...
  2. i'm been single for 3 years,
    and it sucks :(
    no sex for 3 years :/

    yea i suck at relationship, BIG TIME!!!!
  3. yea I hate the single life
    I've been single for like a year it fucking sucks!!.
  4. I been single for about 8 months....I cant really complain. My life is too fucked up right now to even worry about another relationship. Then thats a whole nother worry in itselfs, just dont need those added weights.
  5. Hey im single, and it sucks.
  6. this entire thread should just have an orgy, up are lonely spirits. ya know?
  7. Yepppp and i just got completly led on and used for sex for 3 weeks.i hate boys.
  8. I'm single. Sometimes it sucks, but it's not too bad. It would suck more without sex. Not that I get it regularly, but enough to keep me going.
  9. been single all my life:( kinda sad but honestly all im missing out on is a bunch of heartbreak and regular sex. oh what id do for some regular sex...
  10. anyone want to e-date me? :cool:

  11. Called it.

    I own you now.
    *cracks whip*
  12. I'm doing mushrooms with a cute girl I work with. Hopefully things go awesome cause being single sucks, even if it's only for a month.
  13. Single for 3 sex for a deff sucks

    Hoping I can find a cool ass chick to kick it with soon, I'm getting pretty lonely
  14. YES, MASTER!! :p

    sorry. taken now.

  15. is kinkz too share bailz? i really need some good lovin'.:D.
  16. Hey.. I like being single!
    You can have sex with different girls not just one.
    But relationships are nice if the girl is trustworthy and not a fucking skank.
  17. notice the thread title. "the unOFFICIAL 'im single and it sucks' thread". so gtfo.:D.

    but seriously i get little to no action, a truthfully id rather have a steady girl that i could spend some quality time with and have some lovin' with rather than jumping from chick to chick randomly.
  18. Single and it kind of sucks because I dont get to fuck everyday, but I've cheated on just about every girl I've gone out with. So I cant blame the beezy's at my school for not wanting a relationship.

    All the single guys in this thread, all you gotta do is NOT smoke weed for 1 night, instead drink and go out to a party with a lot of hot drunk chicks. Bam Problem solved.

    Weed is like the ultimate cockblock.

  19. What!:eek:

    So un-true

  20. yep. weed is the fuckin ice breaker for me!

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