The unOfficial Diphenhydramine Appreciation Thread!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CBDASynthase, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Personally, DPH is one of my favorite drugs. Its like a game, reality vs. hallucinations. you cant tell what is a hallucination or is real.

    So, who else likes DPH?
  2. Lol just no.
  3. I loved it, the high and all the hangover was all terrible etc. But being completly sober and having "real" hallucinations. It was pretty amazing.

  4. thats exactly what i think!
  5. I hate it when people shit on drugs in ***Appreciation*** threads, but I'm gonna be a massive hypocrite and say DPH is fucking horrible.
  6. It's good if you take with opiates, in my opinion. I remember Barnkis liked DPH.
  7. DPH does potentiate opiates quite well. It's excellent as a potentiatr, but horrible as a deliriant hallucinogen.
  8. I will NOT try it at higher doses, but I actually do like a dose of about 150mg, makes me feel so relaxed and happy, and I can sleep so good :)

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