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The unofficial almost getting caught thread..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hackro, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Well...its 2:20am here, and I wanted to here some stories of how people almost got caught, how close they were to being caught, and what was done to prevent themselves from being caught....

    BTW, if there's another thread like bad.
  2. staying cool as cucumber 50 can reed your parnoier
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    Actually around this time last night i had smoked like 6 blunts and i was drunk as fuck i drank like 10 beers in 10 mins left a party went to get my boy who had 6 40's of bud light which i downed fast i went to roll another blunt i was done whipped a corner hit a round curb trying to light the blunt while driving popped both my tires on the right side guy comes out screaming threaten me and shit my boy held me back said he aint worth it so we left and that guy called the cops so we sat in someones driveway for 10 minz when we decided to leave the cops pulled up on us and drunk as could be some how out smarted the cops im 19 and we had stuck the rest of the beers in the trunk when this happened but we had a brown paper bag in the back that said "super beer bag" when the cop asked whats in the bag my boy said it was his work uniform they pulled my liscense saw who i was and let us go to catch me on something bigger later called AAA and went home haha FTP
  4. theres like 10 threads like this, and if someone has a story like that they usually make thier own topic, in the real life forum :smoking:

  5. ya your such a legend for drink driving man :rolleyes: get some sense.
  6. ^ yah i have just read 2 posts like that.... whats GC coming to? there IS such thing as getting to fucked up.
  7. Hehe This was a heart pounder for me. My friend walked down the road and i was grinding up weed on my counter cuz it was a weekday and my mom doesnt usually get home till 6 or 7 so i left the grinder on the counter and had weed in it. (not an actual grinder its a dicer that is a centerpiece of a rotating utencil holder i have) [[sorry for shitty spelling]]. I left weed in the dicer and we smoked and went outside to play some basket ball i look to my right and see my mom pulling in the driveway i calmly walk inside noticing that my garage smells like straight weed. So instantly i thought i was fucked. So i went inside and dashed for the dicer put the top on it with the weed still in it put it back in the centerpiece where it goes and ran upstairs stashed the rest of my weed and pipe. came down and walked outside the back of my house when my mom walked in the side door and played basketball with my friend. Mom never said anything and i left the weed in there for a day then finally got a chance to get it in a bag and put it upstairs. Definitely a close call. Sorry for the long ass story.

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