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Have Aliens been to the third major planetary body Orbiting Sol? (earth btw)

  1. Yes, I'm certain. I (or people I know) have even had experiences...... (please share if u dare)

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  2. Yes. I have had no experiences/sightings myself, but from the facts, the probability.... they must

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  3. Probable

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  4. I dont know... i'll wait until i have more evidence.

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  5. Doubtful

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  6. No. Theres just no way.

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  1. Have aliens visited earth?

    i'm not asking if you think they exist, because anyone with a clue about the drake equation knows that intelligent life exists somewhere beyond our solar system.

    have they visited?
    is it possable for them to develope technology that allows ftl travel or finds a way around it? well since some would estimate that we could be less than 100 years away from achieving such feats, what could possably make someone believe that it was impossable for other species to achieve this too?

    and all the other questions surrounding aliens too...

    so now that we asume they have mastered the ability to cross vast amounts of space and perhaps time, simply to visit our planet, would they really be so stupid as to crash?!! and allow our race (or in reality, government agencies or corporations) to get hold of their technology?

    and if these aliens that have supposedly visited earth the "greys", then are they really aliens? or are they simply one version of our possable future evolutionary outlook?
    which brings up the other question... will we master time travel as well as space travel? looking at relativity with an open mind as to what lies beyond the speed of light -and the relationship between time and high speed travel through space- i say it is highly probable that we will at least be able to travel back in time.

    aaaaaanyways... i dirgress.

    was it aliens who came to earth to start life in the first place?
    why did they set of to this destination if what they saw from their homeworld was possably hundreds to billions of years old? were they smart enough to see the events that would unfold to create life on this planet?
    if aliens have visited why have we all not been contacted? are they just trying to save us from the insanity and chaos that could ensue upon such a great discovery?

    a whole clutter of questions... but the one i really want to ask ...

    the question is...

    have "aliens" visited earth in the lifetime of the human race?
  2. I don't know for sure, but I think they must be real. I mean, why are we the only ones here..there has to be something else.

    ...but I hope that if aliens are real, that they don't look like the greys...OMG, they scare the crap out of me! I think if I was ever abducted I would just die of fright...they wouldn't be able to do anything with me. :shudders: You have no idea how much they scare me
  3. No Doubt at all bout this 1, "YEAH, THEY DO EXIST"
  4. i know that....

    that wasnt in question... the drake equation saw to that (well not only the drake equation but the knowledge gained from astrology and perhaps cosmology aswell)... what was in question is that do you think that these aliens which no doubt exist have actually been to earth?

  5. :slaps head:

    Obviously, I can't read today.

    I would have to say that yes, they have been to earth. But I don't think they've been here nearly as many times as people would like me to think.

    I just hope they don't try to visit me....Well, if they ever do, it'll be ok as long as they don't look like the greys...::another shudder::
  6. what have u got against greys?

    i think some of the images we see of them are actually quite cute.

    if u dont want greys to exist..... always use a condom and make sure everyone else does too.

    they r our desendants ;)
  7. I don't see why they wouldn't exist, there is such a vast array of space out there, why would it be empty? Just my opinion.

  8. Nothing personal, I assure you...I just think they're scary looking. ::3 shudders at once::

    They're scarier than a vampire wearing a zombie costume.....carrying a mummy.
  9. Oh and yes, I think they have. Maybe they look like us so they can hang around us and what not. Maybe we smoke weed with them and not even know it. Or maybe they created weed and threw a bunch of seeds onto our planet to bless us.
  10. i find it highly unlikely that we're alone in the universe...

    but why has nobody ever considered the fact that Earth may be the most advanced civilisation in the universe? it's totally possible. but everyone automatically assumes aliens will be far more advanced than us.

    think about it.

  11. I totally agree, they're creepy-as fuck-looking...

    Sure I think they exist.... Sure they visit earth... And Sure they crash...

    If I was an alien visiting earth for the first time I think the biggest question would be "Do I land on the brown part or the blue part?"... (Did you know that we still don't know what Jupiter is made of? We don't know if its a solid or just a big super dense ball of gas!)

    Just imagine how many crash in the ocean and we never know about it... the silly fuckers...
  12. aaaargh! this thread has been hijacked by people discussing the possability of the existance of alien life! AAAARGH!

    thats not the deal...

    what i asked is...

    Do you think they have visited earth?

    at least berzerkas bothered to read it :D

    ""Do I land on the brown part or the blue part?"... "

    uhh... do you really think that they would come half way across the galaxy and not know what a plannet is made of? not have any understanding of chemistry? not be able to do any kind of spctral analysis? not be able to measure temperature, gravity, mass, or even know the accelaeration and breaking limitations of their own crafts?

    oh come on.

    maybe then... they are just a bunch of suicidal cowboys out for joyrides whilst drunk on some of the very fine substances on offer here on earth. then as they leave they spin out of control and blam! right into teh middle of nevada desert. is that what happens?

    d9 writes:
    "but why has nobody ever considered the fact that Earth may be the most advanced civilisation in the universe? it's totally possible. but everyone automatically assumes aliens will be far more advanced than us."

    it was the assumption not too long ago that we were the most powerful in the universe and not only that but that we were the center of the universe! but there is no reason to asume that we are or are not the most advanced. we have no evidence to support either claim, only the knowledge of the stars can at this stage really guide us. what we as a species have achieved can only fuel our imagination as to what may be possable should a species be allowed to evolve for thousands or millions of years more.

    the vast majority of aliens will be less advanced than us. there is no doubt about that. however, these are not the aliens we need concern ourselves with. if we cannot traverse the stars to visit distant places, how are less advanced species supposed to achieve this. no, it is infact only the more advanced ones we need worry about as they are the only ones that may visit us.
    do you think that seti are looking for single celled organisms? no. the clue is in the "i" in seti.

    i cannot remember if i have ever posted on this subject here at grasscity... but one thing is for sure... i need to find the drake equation and post it asap. ;D
  13. heehee... sorry for going skitzo in that last post. i didnt realise i sounded like such an ass at the start of it. :)

    forgot to say... i laffed my torso off @ "They're scarier than a vampire wearing a zombie costume.....carrying a mummy."

    anyways... heres the reason i'm doing that evilest of evil... the double post....

    i have found the drake equation.


    The Drake equation is a formula for estimating the possible number of intelligent civilizations in our galaxy. Most of the terms in this equations are unknown. In the equation, N is the number of civilizations, R is the average rate of star formation in the galaxy (about 20 stars per year ), fs is the fraction of stars that are suitable (about 0.1), fp is the fraction of stars with planets (about 0.5), ne is the mean number of planets that are located in a "habitable zone," where water exists in liquid form, fl is the fraction of these planets on which any life form evolves, fi is the fraction of places where some the life becomes intelligent, fc is the fraction of intelligent species who could communicate with us, and L is the lifetime (in years) of a civilization (this is quite uncertain). The equation was formulated by radio astronomer </subjects/astronomy/glossary/Astronomers.shtml> Frank Drake in 1961.

    Number of Intelligent civilizations = Rate of star formation in the galaxy * Fraction of systems without unsuitable Stars * fraction of Stars with Planets * Number of planets located in the Habitable zone * Fraction of planets on which single celled life form evolves * Fraction of Places where the life becomes intelligent * Fraction of intelligent species who could communicate with us * Lifetime of the species.

    Digit's suggested revisions: more emphasis on Time and predicting how many species that are around at any one time in our solar system. One area requiring a greater degree of accuracy is perhaps the quantity L.

    to find if they would visit us rather than just comunicate, it could be changed to encorporate aliens who have developed the ability to travel ftl which would replace fc and then re-encorporate some of the previous values of the equation to the latter part to find the likely hood that we would be on their list of places to visit.
  14. number one: I beleive that it is probable aliens have visited earth... although I have no proof.

    number two: OK just because they can do these things, doesn't mean they are any good at them. So why not crash? People allways have this beleif that aliens can do anything: what makes us think this? Perhaps in SOME WAYS WE ARE MORE ADVANCED. And what makes you beleive that just because they have this technology that it doesn't malfunction from time to time. Yeah if you'd gone back and said to someone 100 years ago:
    "hey man there will be computers and the internet" and then went on to explain what those were, they would have beleived you maybe. But what would they say when you told them about the "ILLEGAL OPERATION" thing that you get from time to time on good ol windows? Just a thought.
  15. Well I certainly hope they would have some knowledge of what to expect when they got here. But who's to say that those on the ship that crashed in Nevada weren't the first or some of the first? Sort of like pioneers. Its very possible that they had no clue what they were doing.

    I bet the ship was filled with a buch of no0bs. Back in the fifties we didn't have radar guided missles and we barely had jet planes so I doubt we could have shot it down. Alien error seems like the most likely reason to me. Perhaps despite they're vast knowledge of temperature, gravity, and mass they failed to calculate some aspect of our planet that they couldn't measure remotely. Why do you seem to think that aliens are infallible? If not infallible you sure seem to give them alot of credit.
  16. Heres something else that bugs me though...

    Lets assume that the recent alien visits aren't the first. Have you guys ever heard the stories of how archaeologists sometimes find references to strange flying saucer shaped objects in ancient manuscripts and sometimes even in cave paintings? Those findings are what fuel stories about aliens helping to build things like the pyramids and stone henge.

    Anyway, my problem is this: if aliens were flyings saucers thousands of years ago...why the hell would they be flying the same ships today? It doesn't make sense.

    Look at humans for example. We went from walking to driving to flying to space exploration to landing on another planet in the course of 100 years. In another 50 years our current ships we be completely obsolete.

    This leads to any number of interesting questions. Most relevant of which being if cave paintings are true, then why haven't the aliens advanced in thousands of years? Maybe they aren't more advanced than us. Or maybe they were and we are slowly catching them. They may be an older life form than us, but maybe we are smarter and thusly are able to advance faster. What will happen when we catch them? Surpass them?

    I dunno, just more food for thought I guess...

    EDIT: ...and another thing, scientists always claim that aliens would be benign because we "pose no threat to them." If we are developing faster than them couldn't that be interpreted as a threat? Might they try to stop slow our progression somewhow?
  17. HA! the citys anunian priest is here! YES they visited, they started human life on earth to mine gold to make white gold powder for anti-grav engines(yes it works human scientists have proved it possible) thats why the first genetic labs of the aliens were by gold mines (according to the aceint text)
  18. why am i always so late into these threads... maybe i spend too little time online.

    anyways, put me down for doubtfull.

    i certainly don't believe they crashlanded at any rate, and for those that have "seen" or been abducted by ET? really, give me a break. as for the whole anunaki theory, it just doesn't fit.

    i do however believe that any intelligence out there is probably more advanced than ours. this i believe coz' we're still in our juvenile stage. we haven't even managed to stop bickering amongst ourselves. also they might or migh not be benign.

    pro benign: they have avoided blasting themselves into oblivion, this calles for a philosophy that teaches tolerance and respect for all that is different. their own species or others. seeing as they too need an ecosystem to live, just as we do.

    contra benign: they have a view upon themself as beeing superior. this is manifested much in their advanced technology. anything less than their own, they will look upon with distrust and disrespect. that is not to say that they'll go into a killing spree when faced with less advanced civilzations (like ours for example), but they won't care much either if we live or perish.

    but i digress. much of the reason i believe noone have visited us yet is coz' the universe is so vast, and even tho' it might be filled with life, it won't be filled with intelligence. not advanced intelligence and spacefaring civilzations at least. for a race to expand beyond its own solar system requires a truly advanced technology and faster than light travel (which i believe is fully feasable), and as all others cultures, they will expand gradually, centered on their home system. for such a civilization to reach an expanse that is soo huge that it comes into contact with earth (or more correct, earth-originated radio signals) is infinitely small. our own SETI program have still to discover any hint of artificial radi-signalling in our neighbourhood.

    what i find more likely than aliens visiting earth (if only a little) is that they might be monitoring the earth from a distance. maybe as close as the jovian moons, or as far away as from some of our neighbouring stars. this gives ET two very good advantages:

    1: we don't know they're there and thus we know nothing of their abilities
    2: they learn all they need to know about us without risking potential harmfull contact

    this post got long didn't it? and i still have so much to say on the subject. maybe later...

    (oh and digit, i spottet two minor flaws. you mentioned time travel. relativity only permits forward time travel, not reverse. and astrology got nothing to do with science. astronomy though do. i'm nitpicking here, i know)
  19. aleins or how ever you spell them can fuck off!
  20. firstly what berserkas sez...

    the aliens you speak of i believe to be us from the future. it would explain the discrepancies we experience in the reports of their technology. either that or like was previously said, they have a philosophy that teaches them not to run around blowing themselves up with forever bigger and more dangerous weapons like we do.

    zy. thnx for pointing that out... i know the difference... my fingers didnt when typing that tho. ;)
    and as for the time travel thing... nah. i dont agree. i think this was an area that Bhors (or was it Behrs?) and Einstien had disagreements over too. we know that time can slow down as we travel faster. so why is it inconcievable to presume that should you go fast enough (light speed perhaps) you travel back in time. we cannot know for sure because once you do break lightspeed all our maths of the universe basically goes out the window. but up until that point, time would continue to get slower.

    the term "you aint from around here are you boy" springs to mind. hehe.

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