The unoffical "FUCK THE POLICE" thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Flyin'High', Apr 3, 2011.

  1. So, let us begin with stories, and the reason's why we stand true to our saying, "FUCK DA POLICE".

    Right now, I'm so pissed off I can't really explain it in words. So, allow me to elaborate:

    So, me and my girlfriend were driving down the street, it's around 1:45-2 am and we were going to the corner store to get some drink, then meet up with some friends and get fucked up. As were heading down the road, a cop that was parked in the parking lot across from us slams its lights on and come's racing behind us, and pull's us over. We have no drugs or anything illegal that he would find without actually physically tearing the car apart, so I'm not stressing it. He tell's me and my girlfriend to get outta the car, so we go with it. As SOON as she steps out, this fat fucking pig announces he need's to "search" our persons. I'm thinking to myself "this fucker is going to try pulling some sly shit." So, he search's my girlfriend first (which is what I knew this faggot was gunna try pulling). NOW, this is when shit gets fucked up.

    She was extremely awkarded out from this, and she resisted just the TINIEST bit. he grab's her by her hair, and slams her face into the passenger side window and start's grabbing at her legs and reaching his hand up her skirt. In a matter of seconds i'm over there bout to snap this fucker's jaw off when another cop arrive's, hop's out, and tackles me to the ground. So, my girlfriend is in tears, her eyebrow/eye is cut, and bleeding. The cop pulls me to my feet and says some bullshit like "what the fuck do u think your doing kid" And, like the dumbass I am, I spit the biggest fucking lugge into this dudes face, he rips me back to the ground and start's reading me my rights. At this point I'm so pissed off I'm laughing.

    In the end, I was charged with attempted assault (going to fight that in court BIG TIME) and my girlfriend was let go. And the best part? I was never giving a reason too why I was pulled over.

    So, fuck the police. I only hope his kid dies or some shit. (harsh? Nah bro. its good. :wave:)
  2. Worst thread ever
  3. why didn't you ask him right away what the problem was or why he was pulling you over?

    and honestly, when i hear stories like this online, i always feel as if the op is leaving out key details.... :rolleyes:
  4. cool story bro, grow up and tell it to someone who gives a fuck
  5. Aww does someone have a sandy tampon?

    If you don't give a fuck, why'd you click this thread? Why'd you read his post? Why'd you take the time to reply?

    If your girlfriend got semi-molested and you got beaten to the ground for defending her, you'd be a little pissed too.
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  7. good. spit in that fucking faggots face
  8. If anybody should say fuck the police, it should be me. My whole life my family has been traumatized due to jealous corrupt cops. They put my family in constant stress from what they did.

    I still dont go around saying FUCK DA POLICE. It's not right. Yeah a lot of cops are assholes, but what about the ones that are keeping us safe, doing their job.

    Don't generalize all cops, there ARE some good ones out there.

    btw, yeah those cops were assholes. I hate people like that.
  9. Man, these sorts of stories get my blood boilin'...
  10. on the off chance the story is real... get a good lawyer and your girl should sue for sexual assault and battery and probably unlawful search/violation of rights.

  11. suing rarely works unless there is video of the event happening. It would be nice if we had just court systems.
  12. sad, but so very true.
  13. Unless they live in a town where the cops have no budget, I can bet their units have dash cams
  14. 187 on them tricks

    i got stopped tonight for some bulllshiiitt
  15. I dont know if they fags or what.. searchin a ***** down grabbin his nuts

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  16. So, you admit that your girl resisted arrest? It's obvious that you have a bias and are not telling the whole truth, so we can probably assume that she resisted more than "the TINIEST bit."

    BUT, that's just my educated guess.

    My next point is... What good did you think would possibly come from trying to attack a LEO?!?

    Grow up.

  17. Fair enough, but to be honest, if I get a girlfriend and see some punk groping her just because he can, I'm going to flip the fuck out also.
  18. Then you need to learn to control yourself in stressful situations. It's a valuable skill.
  19. It's all about cost and reward.
  20. Ok, so what if he just starts feeling her the fuck up then? Grabbin her titties or something. Or licks her or some shit like that? Then is it ok to flip out and not act like you're more worried about not getting arrested than your girl getting raped?

    Whenever I hear these stories I get so furious I can't think straight. Guarantee if you try to sue that the video evidence will just "dissapear" as well.

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