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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Jan 16, 2003.

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  1. This thread does not truly exist. If it survivesthough, it is only out of pure randomness of thought. Because as we all know. This thread does not truly exist.
  2. If it does not exist, why did I read it and why am I replying to it!!!?
  3. you only think its real. but its a figment of your imagination
  4. Did you want to re-open this thread my friend? If not i\'ll leave it closed!
  5. It doesn\'t appear to be closed.
  6. God damned non-existant threads!

    It was closed when I stumbled upon it......

    But now it\'s not. :D
  7. I\'m so confused!!
  8. uh......I think it\'s your fault, Critter....I wasn\'t confused then all of a sudden I was so I blame you, my friend, for confusing me. ;) See, the thread was closed but it really wasn\'t and now that it isn\'t, it feels as if it may be so it\'ll be closed but really open again, I think....
  9. whoa...what the hells going on here. I thought i replied to this last night, But i see that it was still on my screen when i came home from lunch. So is it open or closed? does it exist? I think no. am i really typing? I\'ll get back to you on that one.
    All in good fun critter :)

  10. That\'s always better than being a dumb-ass!
  11. I opened it made my reply then reclosed it.. Oh well it\'s open now or maybe not!

  12. Wouldn\'t mods and the original poster be able to post this thread, even though its closed to others????
  13. yes poppa. But first you would have to re-open it then reply.. then re-close it!
  14. wow, that is really complicated...damn

  15. lol me to..

  16. No you are wrong, all I have to do is hit the quote button and I get to reply to this thread without all this open and close stuff.
  17. It was a closed thread but all I did was hit the quote button and it allowed me to reply. Damn these strange powers I have.
  18. I guess you learn something new every day! lol
  19. I was able to do that too....well, kind of.....I hit the closed button and it let me post while it was closed. That\'s when I got confused because it didn\'t appear to be closed. See?

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