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The universe will become a cold, dark, emptyness

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HeaDiEs RusH, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Timeline: the end of the universe | COSMOS magazine

    Why would our universe, so suddenly and from absolute nothingness, expand all of this matter and energy only to burn out and become even more nothingness? What are we really here for? Our universe can't be the only "place" of existence, can it? What happened before the big bang and what happens when the universe is dead?

    This is some seriously depressing stuff. :(
  2. Just dies/ceases to exist like everything and anything else, man...nothing to be depressed about.
    It's not as though something new and unfathomable to us in the limited capacity of our knowledge couldn't come into existence during or after.
  3. It can be. Whenever you look at the big picture, it can get very depressing.

    But it can also give you some hope. If we have the technology to see all of this, where do you believe our species will be, if we truly get our shit together, in 100 years, 1,000, 10,000? It really makes you think and it makes you wonder why we are still dealing with all of the drama society has on everyone making decision-making pretty much impossible now.

    We have been observing this for quite some time now, but we are still in the baby steps of exploration though. It makes me wonder how great this species will come to be. I have hope. We are truly an amazing race.
  4. We're gonna be long dead so it shouldn't be depressing for any of us.
  5. Next time you have these feelings, just have a listen to this
    [ame=]Windmills of your mind - Dusty Spingfield - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Nothing to be depressed about. By then we will be a Type III civilization on the Kasrdashev scale and we will have the know how to keep our universe going. Even if we don't, our consciousness will be able to transcend physical reality and we can go between multiple universes. Ever hear of Astral projection?

    Here's a good starting point:

    The Astral Pulse - Index
  7. I just can't help but be bummed out by the fact that we apparently don't even exist in the overall big picture. Anything we do will eventually leave no trace. Nobody or thing will be around to experience this wonderful thing we call life after we are gone and eventually there will be no evidence that we were actually here in the first place. When the universe is spent, there is no second chance. That's it, done.
  8. That's why i find it funny that people think we have a real purpose here when we really dont.
  9. its a cycle. there was more than one big bang scientist belive. the universe "resets" figuratively speaking.
  10. It's just human vanity. Same reason some people believe the most omnipotent force in existence created us in his image. We are the most advanced beings we can observe, we've gotta be important right?
  11. Existence can't stop existing. It is its core function.

    Do you think the thoughts in your head are coming from the physical?

  12. It's only theory, but by looking at black holes I kinda wondered about another void that is filled with an infinite amount of energy. Just like this void is filled with an infinite amount of space. Scientists just hate the word infinite... I embrace it a little.

    It just doesn't make sense for all that matter to be there in the first place at the start of the big bang. This thought is based on the rule that nothing should have ever existed. Everything is on a collision course with each other. Black holes, Galaxies & possibly even dimensions.

    Think a little a further and you might shock yourself.
    That also gave me an off shot to a thought that a consciousness can never die.

    High Times Right Now.....
    - Komatic :D

  13. That's both an exceptional and retarded thought.

    Good Day to you Sir! :smoking:
  14. I dont know if i like the idea that the "big bang" gave birth to the universe.

    Like seriously?

    "There was nothing, then an explosion, then everything that ever was, has been, or will be."

    That seems like a drawn out "we dont fucking know" to me.

    Sounds like a little kids story with a moral to it more than it does an actual scientific theory

    Or some religous bs

  15. "..And then God made the Heavens and the Earth.."

    "Oh, and, um, then he made light"
  16. Yes, the depressing moment when one realizes that the universe will at some point be gone.

    Just as the human race, just as the earth, just as everything that ever is and ever was.

    An end.

  17. Better yet..

    "You should love all who surround you!"

    "...Except for those times when you spit on gay people and kill those who disobey me"
  18. neil degrasse tyson even said that if you believe in the big bang, you're an idiot

    i forget why but he said it was the most illogical thing ever to be able to predict something like that

    and quite frankly time is just an illusion...
  19. Yup, reminds me of the hysteria about the Superconducting Supercollider creating a black hole that sucks us all in. No one left to whine about it afterwords; when you're dead and gone that's the end.

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