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The universe is crazy

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Nickatina, Nov 16, 2011.


    Was really stoned just sitting in the dark thinking like 2 weeks ago. And I thought of this.
    So, the universe is never ending, meaning that there MUST be more out there. What if Earth is just like a training camp. A place where we make mistakes, learn from them, and finally find peace. Once the peace is found we get transfered to another planet where everyone has learned how to get along and live life right. Saying live life right as in no war, greed, etc. And once you're there you live for a long time happily and in peace with your family and loved ones... how dope would that be?
  2. That would be awesome.

    I think there are planets out there with far more advanced civilizations who have already learned to live peacefully, and are trying to guide earth/humans to find the same peace. (By giving us technology and such. The disabling of nukes is what really convinces me they're out to help us.)
  3. Hey man, post this in Spirituality and Philosophy or Science and Nature and it will get better replies.

    That's a super positive postulation :D I'd be happy with that if that's how things turn out to be. :smoking:
  4. Ill have what hes smoking :smoking:
  5. Everybody always thinks that aliens are like these crazy smart and advanced race. What if they are really dumb? Why do they always have to be smart.

    And why are they always naked how come we are the only species that invented clothes. If they were really that smart they wouldn't wanna walk around naked.

  6. But, then again why SHOULDN'T we walk around naked?
  7. I'll do it tomorow, I need to get to sleep in a bit.
  8. Idk about you but I'm glad the majority of the people I see are clothed.
  9. This is kinda freaky to me cus I swear I was thinking the same thing a couple days ago..just a little differently. I was thinking that we're here on Earth and then we die and go to heaven or whatever...but what if heaven was actually another universe or some other part of our universe and the only way we can get there is through death. Wierd.
  10. I wish everyone was naked. I hate wearing clothes. They feel so weird.

    An advanced alien race would hopefully not be concerned with wearing clothes that serve only to hide nudity, because that's a pretty pointless venture and we devote too much time to it as a species. We've got better things we could be focusing on, and I hope advanced alien races don't have huge egos like us.
  11. clothing was made to keep us warm, then somehow turned into a law is how i look at it
  12. I'd like to think that a more intellectually evolved species wouldn't think this way about its own kind. I'd like to think that a more intellectually advanced civilization would be, well, more civilized. A more civilized, intellectually evolved race would love one another unconditionally.

    Peace :smoke:
  13. I'm not gonna derail this thread anymore I'm sorry ill leave haha.
  14. couldn't have said it better myself.
  15. yeah, it's so crazy
  16. What you described would be heaven.

    What you thought now is what some guys thought thousands of years ago and now we have religion.

    You should start one called Nickatology and make millions. lol it worked for other people.
  17. People apply the "advanced civilization" tag to UFOs and such since in order to travel to earth and fly however you want to where ever you want your species would HAVE to be smart as fuck. Certainly there could be a planet in bumfuck galaxy 283458764859 that has some dumb mother fuckers living on it.
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  19. I also believe that the universe is infinite. I have little faith in there being true elementary particles that make up everything and cannot be broken into something smaller. It is fascinating to think about how we could be composed of infinite vastly varying worlds, some extremely intelligent races and not so intelligent ones are most likely present within your own body. I see it as kind of a yin and yang thing. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction or something like that. We are just a small section of the infinite fractal-like universe. If anything were possible it will be happening all the time. The chaotic and and un-predicable nature of the universe leads me to that conclusion.

    Something else strange to think about is, I don't see the human race dying anytime soon even with some kind of planetary disaster like global warming or a nuclear war. There will almost always be a few survivors with 7 billion people. The only thing that i think would compromise OUR Earth is some kind of galactic disaster like galaxies colliding, a black hole, or something of that magnitude. At our current rate of developing new technologies, in 20-50 years human life could be completely different from today. We could potentially (I'm being optimistic here) be on mars or elsewhere by then, but if not then sometime in the future. In the grand scheme of things if we end up surviving everything that's thrown at us we will almost inevitably be able inhabit different a multitude of different environments due to technological advances. Once that happens, I predict that we will feel no qualms about inhabiting any planet that we can reach. If this happens, it will be even harder for the humans to die out completely. We will see humans inhabiting the farthest reaches of the universe we can imagine. Now step back from things at try looking at the universe from a macroscopic perspective. Whatever we are a part of, a rock like thing, life of some kind, whatever it is should exhibit the same magnetic properties that make where we are, what it is today. If there is life in our direct macroscopic environment, it might notice us if human civilization reached macroscopic proportions. I'm talking about inhabiting millions of universes, that kind of scale. By the way, this isn't too far out of the realm of possibility with things like exponential growth rates and such. What would macroscopic life see us as, if they even rely on light? They'd probably see us as the equivalent of a mushroom spore, green slime in a pod, or a single-celled organism.

    This brings me to ton of moral and social problems. If everything is conscious, is it just as immoral to kill a human as it is to explode a mossy rock with a nuclear explosion in a "controlled" setting? Or to put pond scum in the oven? Also, if this were the true nature of reality would people want you to know about it? Maybe this could be why certain relatively harmless drugs like cannabis, lsd, and mushrooms are illegal. Under the influence of these drugs you (Or at least I, under the influence of cannabis [haven't used any psychedelics, yet]) begin to question the true nature of reality. Maybe "they" don't want that... The whole idea is scary and comforting in a very strange sort of way.

    Just my 2 cents, and yes, I agree, the universe is fucking crazy. Us being conscious is most likely a lot more complicated and beautiful than any of us will be able to appreciate or comprehend in our lifetimes.
  20. [​IMG]

    Whoa man, That's deep.

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