The universe in a nutshell!

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  1. The universe in a nutshell
    Stephen Hawking.

    I've just started in this book, and i'm realy ammazed about a few things...verry simple explanations for verry difficult questions and it realy made me think about fundemental questions excample: start end end of universe and it start to make sense to me....try it!
  2. These kind of books make my mind melt, I can't handle it - start/end of the Universe, I cannot even make sense of the start/end of my day, let alone the universe!

    To qoute Dougals Adams:

    It is all mind boglingly big :)


  3. oh man,....i'm smoking weed 2 i know what you mean...but this is brain training!! you start slow with one page one day, you'll search the net and learn more about the thing on that page, then you CAN understand this book, i'm sure...take ya time and relax it's realy interesting....
  4. thats kids play boys !here in my hand a signed copy of one of the true great thinking human's books ever writen! (" hidden channels of the mind ") by louisa e. rhine,in mint condetion ,copy right 1961,... this is a very rare book! and one of the finist in my libary of thousands as i see it ,if you want to try to push the brain were no brain has gone before! this book is the dady of them all!worth far more than money to the one that finishes it!god have mercy on your brain cells!"no universe out there is any finer than the one with in!"...good luck tazz11
  5. sorry boys, i am an invert!

  6. Verry true :)

  7. very true ,i have a lot of speace between my ears !lol

  8. hmm her comes a list with the points steven hawking explains( i'm sorry if i write something wrong, but english is not my best language, ok?)
    general theory of relativity
    11 dimension superdownforce
    black holes
    10 dimensional membrames

    Don't tell me thats kids kid play, or maybe you know all about these things. i'm curious...
  9. your far beyond me man!,take one step forward. i for one dont like black holes, lol and it was a figer of speach not a ,intro to navsat programing or navagationial star poilting ,i dont know where your mind has been dude, i dont look away, i look with in,"invert" ,ill leave the under standing of those things to you ,i am more ,a reader of maps and maker of them,not that i haven been their but i chose a path of my own ! have you seen any prove of those theorys, theorys are like roomers! to under stand the theory is great but to under stand it is in theory only is wisdom,good luck with your book and i dont think i have read it , it sounds very good , i quit reading those kind of books when my brother died and just havent stayed on the path, so i have lost my way when trying to under stand what this book is .but i learn fast ,and could read it and give you what i do think about it with the idea that i aint just steping in to a black hole ,my self!whats the m- theory ,i am not awere of it? or is that matter theory ,?i wasnt jokeing ,i would read this book if it is good and i shurely wasnt trying to put it off just to add to the post with input ! but i must have drop the cake or something .so for give me ill try to stay away from grasscity till i read "that book" !good luck tazz11
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  10. ps sorry ,i am a slow reader!

  11. That's tue and i am aware of it, and i am juststarted in the book and if your interested in some things in the book i will tel about them later when i finnished it and completely understand some things i have a few problems with it and i'm trying to find it out'.

    see ya later and good luck

    (¯`·.¸¸.-> ®=-THC-=® <-.¸¸.·´¯)
  12. sorry dude, my brother was the sci fi king !of any one i ever knowen! me and him were in the frist full online space fighting game ever on the internet ! check it out, i was tazz11 their as well,he was the vector!we were in secound place we had even beaten the maker of the game! for the$100,000.00 prize we had three days to go, when he deid ,i walked away from the game!!!!! it blew me away from sci fi,we had watch ever thing up to the year 91,after that i never looked back, he was my best friend and older brother for 25 years we smoked and watched sci fi all the time reading books and any thing we could find out there!we were a team he was the spock to my kerk,i am just sorry dude i can even go here, its still to real for me.any thing you dont under stand i was being trueful i well read the book as soon as i can ,i was a navagational specialist ,i can go where no man has gone before and at lest know how to find my way back and with a iq of 107 and creative artistic with audistic tendences,i well try to under stand any thing that falls in my path! sound fair ,good luck tazz11
  13. i'm sorry about your brother...I have 2 elder brothers and 1 elder sister and if something happened to them... i can't immagine how fucked up i would be...
  14. take my word for it you dont want to know ,they had to put me under for aweek i lost it! and you aint seen some one lose it till youve seen a 5 degree black belt lose it ,i threw all my furniture out the widows ,when i was broke my right hand breaking 4by 4 beams in the walls and would not stop, my wife was worryed,and called the cops ,they shot me with a air gun like a fucking animal,no you dont want to go there! they let me come out of it for his wake and back in for a month after!drug out all the way! i guess i was a little out of it but i didnt hert anyone other than my self and i am glad!...he realy enjoyed sci fi it was his "che", i am just at a lose of words talking about him and who he was. its stiil to real.good luck tazz11

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