The Universe as a shape

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  1. What shape would you suppose the universe is?
    I say a sphere because it holds the most volume in the smallest area

    What would you suppose is outside of your said shape?
    Blank? White? Grey? Black? Another universe?
  2. I honesly think it looks like a doughnut.
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    Möbius. :)

    Möbius Energy
    Moving Matter
  4. I think the universe is a rectangle with rounded edges that are stretched to appear like mickey mouse ears that aren't well defined, if that makes any sense. What's outside said shape? Dookie and cotton candy.
  5. It is formless. The phenomenal, material universe is what people refer to as "universe". I feel this is a misguided, incomplete perspective that most humans work with. The universe is not just that which exists, but the emptiness within which all matter is able to exist.

    Emptiness has no shape. The universe has no end or beginning, so it can have no shape. It is formless and the material manifested universe is shapeless.
  6. I see the universe as a sphere or oval, 'floating' in hyperspace with other universes (multiverse).

    I'm begining to think that we, everthing as a whole, makes up time.. If I had to give time a shape I'd have to go with the mobius strip ^^^
  7. What evidence is there that time exists as an independent dimension and is not just our own creation? All there is is theory of time, theres no evidence, and there never was, it was always our relativity.

    The universe is a word meant to mean everything that exists..if multiverses existed, they would exist within a larger structure, which would be the universe.
  8. But the universe is something that also exists, and therefore should take a shape. A container as you will around everything as you will.

    Im unable to wrap my head around the ideas that the universe is a term used to describe the whole, just emptiness.
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    Because you are matter, your thoughts are energy - they are subtle matter. Matter cannot "understand" non-matter.

    The law of cause and effect, laws of limit (Everything must have a beginning and an end), laws of logic as we see them, all apply to manifested phenomenon. They apply to energy that exists, and all the manifestations of that energy. They do not apply to the nature-devoid emptiness within which the matter comes to exist in.

    The material universe exists in the sense that we as matter can directly perceive, calculate, quantify it. The immaterial emptiness behind the material universe cannot be calculated, quantitified, perceived. You will only "get your head around" the concept of formless, endless, beginningless, pointless, causeless emptiness when you experience it, through meditation or otherwise. Until then you will be unable to fathom it - for it cannot be fathomed intellectually, only experienced experientially.

    The emptiness behind matter is not bound by the laws of existence - for it doesn't exist, not in the phenomenal sense. It does not exist when you are matter, when you try to perceive it as a person of matter. When you become empty, then you can experience it. It exists, but does not exist - not in the way material phenomenon does. It doesnt have a beginning or and end, these laws apply to the manifested, not the unmanifested.

    Even a container exists in some space - if the universe were a container with a shape, there would have to be some space within which it exists, something larger than it within which it can exist, and then this container is not all that there is anymore is it, its just a container within a larger empty space - the larger empty space is part of the universe, so the universe is not just the container.

  10. So with that being said, how would one meditate in a way that would allow me to "experience" the non existent?
  11. To experience emptiness you must become empty. You cannot "do" to become empty, you cannot "become" empty - for those are addition actions, where emptiness is complete absence.

    There are alot of different kinds of meditations, there is a sticky on this forum. As you practice/meditate over time and your consciousness changes, as your identity and thoughts get stilled, at some time you will have a brief experience where all resistance, all doing, the perseverance of "you" will suddenly become realized as futile and only a painful resistance, and will momentarily drop. Here glimpse the emptiness, the unnameable manifested that is just not like anything that can ever be imagined nor represented nor discovered through matter and science.

    It takes time, no one meditation will suddenly give you the experience, or everyone would have realized it.
  12. colliding Fibonacci spirals dictated by deterministic chaos.
  13. I think the universe is the shape of the overlap between two 13th dimensional spheres that have collided. It is also a kind of a streak because it is all travelling through time at the speed of light.



  14. We percieve time, we didn't just make it up.

    And the larger universe would in be surrounded by a multiverse, which is all encased in a larger universe, on and on, infinitely.

    Universes containing beings that exist in time. As do we, as does everything.

    And I take it back, I can't give a shape to time. :smoking:
  15. A sphere.

    Space is curved, if you hit a golf ball off the moon it will eventually return and hit you in the back of the head. Or at least, so it seems.
  16. There is no shape, its constantly growing Infinitely in all directions.

  17. But is the word "Universe" not one of mans creations as well? Man is flawed, everything man does is flawed, and therefore our vocabulary may be flawed as well. If this is the case, then there may be multiverses.

  18. but if time was its own dimension how would it get into the same dimension we're in? but does constant change create time or does time create change?

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