the united states v. state of california, federalism

Discussion in 'General' started by bongwater19, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. california passed a state law saying you can use medical marijuana. they proceed to abide by their state laws. the federal government's dea steps in and 'busts' legitimate marijuana collectives. this is wrong. the federal government has no place interfering with state's rights, state laws. that is one thing we fought the civil war for. i think one of the supreme court justices is reviewing the situation currently, and is on the side of states rights, of course. why is the government messing in this? insulting californian sovereignty?
  2. Its the classic fight between state and federal, who is in charge of what. Legalize it everywhere. dammit.!

  3. good point bongwater but i gotta mention 2 things.
    1. the south was more for state rights in the civil war, they lost
    2. california isn't a sovergn nation
  4. You know all the blades here should live together on a deserted island somewhere in the pacific "Cannabis Country"
  5. WEED LAND!!!
  6. I wonder if calafornia will win if they do I think the other states will all adopt pro marijuana laws then its only a matter of a year or two until its legal for receation use.

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