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The United States of Cannabis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Medicine Al, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Just a thought I had, or a realization, is the fact that there are now as many or more States with Medical Cannabis, as the original colonies that formed the USA.

    California alone, has almost as many medical users of cannabis, as the combined population of the entire original USA. In the 1790 census, there were 3,900,000 people in the entire country. At least, those considered worthy of counting (native tribes were excluded from the count).

    The population of the current States with legalized medical cannabis, is well over 60,000,000. That means we are now a nation of our own.

    Many of the founding fathers were hemp farmers. The Constitution is written on hemp paper.

    In November, the liberation of cannabis will take another step forward, with the coming re-legalization in California, if it passes, which I believe it will.

    The medical cannabis movement is the prime motivation for this resurgence of acceptability into the mainstream of America, of this wonderful, and most needed of natural remedies.

    The freedom to grow my own medicine has brought to me a special awareness of all things that are common medical practice in this land, including the deceit of certain agencies, who have lied and distorted the facts, all in order to pad their resumes, and attain status within a corrupt system, and to profit themselves over the needs of the populace.

    In the United States, we traditionally value 'freedom', and we do not forget those who have lied to us, and why they lied, especially when they have made sick, and killed, so many trusting citizens, who accepted their bullshit in the interest of desiring to be 'law-abiding citizens'.

    The FDA is a complete and utter failure, and the Controlled Substances act was and is being used to justify a strange sort of internal warfare against the citizens of this country, that has spiraled into a type of police state mentality, where excessive force is the norm, and reason and science are treated as hostages by the government.

    That is far worse than a 1/2 cent tax on tea, and should be viewed by the citizenry, as open hostility by the forces aligned against truth, or justice, or anything called the 'American' way, as the war on drugs has resulted in only wasting valuable assets, lives, property, and above all 'freedom'.

    But the truth about cannabis isn't so easy to repress, and with each passing by another State of medical cannabis laws, the truth just keeps coming, and coming, and coming. They can try to make it look bad, and they will continue, but with each recall of FDA approved medications that kill or maim, or make mild conditions worse, or turn people into junkies, they look far worse, and we can see the motivation for their lie is all about money, and control of the people by extra-constitutional interlopers, bent on retiring with benefits, after losing a 'war', that they actually started, and passing their venom on to the next set of liars.

    Live free or die, was the rallying cry in 1776. It remains as the State slogan of New Hampshire, and it should be the rallying cry against the tyranny of the CSA, and the FDA.

    Thomas Jefferson would cry his eyes out, if he saw how the FDA does business in the country he helped liberate. But at least in his time, he could console himself with his pipe, and a bowl, and still keep his job.

    Thanks for reading, and slam me if you want, but I would say to the FDA that, as the song says, 'I would rather starve than eat your bread', especially if it was grown from grain developed by Monsanto. (The FDA's darlings)

    Cannabis is Medicine.
  2. I once read Jefferson's garden journal. He has 3 references about hemp. Two were "plant more" and the third was about him having to be away from home, and rather wistfully regretting that he would miss the hemp harvest that year! Jefferson's slaves, including "Brown Sallie", were quite aware of hemp's uses beyond fiber and seed! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  3. That was beautiful, man.
  4. + rep! great post! Very Inspirational!

    I have begun to see that this nation's journey has always been about the path to freedom. It's how we started and how we progress as a country. There are still many freedoms we don't yet have and we have to continue to fight the good fight until all of us are totally free. As much as we can be while still living with our fellow man (and woman).


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