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The United States of America!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 1HitWonder, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Well, Currently I'm a Canadian. But I don't want to keep it that way.

    I'm really looking into moving to the great USA, What I would like to know is What states have the best weed cultures, which ones has the most legal benefits, etc.

    Post away Blades.
  2. Judas!!
  3. If you use your bud for medicinal purposes and think you could get a rec. then move to hot, sunny California, but say good-bye:wave: to your beautiful Canadian dank and expect to pay MUCH MUCH more for your bud.
  4. I don't use it medically, But I would like too. I've had terrible anxiety for about 2 years now, I hear that weed helps with that. Maybe its just a placebo effect but everytime I start feeling the anxiety I just smoke a bowl and i'm fine.
  5. Be proud of Canada

    Not many countries have morally efficient marijuana policies

    Your best bet would be California for sure

    Expect to pay $$..
  6. Money isn't really a concern of mine, I just want a decent marijuana culture where not alot of people look down on you for it.

    1 Of the main reasons of moving is because my family & friends here think im a disgrace just because I smoke daily.
  7. Sorry to hear that man,

    But no offence to anyone in the USA, but marijuana isn't exactly
    the best there, connects are generally much harder to get for good
    Weed, move to BC

  8. Why not just move to a different place in Canada.

    That way you retain the awsomenesss of Canada and you can find somewhere that you will be accepted for smoking weed.
  9. Imo, I hate Canada.
    Please no more canadian suggestions.
  10. Your prolly going to wanna move to CA then, you can try to get your recommendation and then you get med. quality dank:hello:. i have only been to CA once and it was way b4 i started smoking(i was like 8) but from what i hear its a great culture out there.
  11. Thanks, I may just try California.

    Also, What are the prices for medical weed out there?

    Eigth -
    Quarter -
    Half O -
    Ounce -
    QP -
  12. Boston has like the highest percentage of people that smoke weed on a regular basis. we got some good bud too.
  13. Quarter - 85
    Half O - 165
    Ounce - 300

    prices at the green cross. Dispensaries can have different prices.

    Also, Austin Texas is really nice. Great culture, very friendly people.
  14. best bet is in california.

    good places in cali are santa cruz (beach community, full of smokers)

    and san francisco.
  15. #15 nacho, Jan 4, 2009
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    Why do you want to leave Canada? Wouldn't it be better to stay there for weed?

    That usually happens with me. I assume it's because you're too stoned to give a crap about the regular triggers of anxiety.
  16. Yeah, definitely canada. I want to move there just for the sole fact that its so weed friendly. And also the people are cool as shit.
  17. Move to Norcal for marijuana, take residence in Humboldt County. It is pretty much legal there, cops find grows and they don't go to jail. Come to San Francisco, I get offered to buy bud about 10 times just walking down the street to school. It is a great community, and nobody looks down on you for smoking. And if your not looking for a city place, I recommend one of the suburbs of SF or LA, counties around it with beautiful houses and places.

    Edit: STOP SAYING CANADA! He said he doesn't want to stay there!
  18. Don't move to the US stay in Canada...
    EDIT: US sucks, If i were you i'd stay in Canada
  19. #19 enorty, Jan 5, 2009
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    dude why in the world would you want to come here....

    just move to BC or something if you want weed culture.

    more like the United Toilet of America.
  20. traitor. why would u wanna leave canada.. especially nova scotia dude, thats home of trailer park boys man

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