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The United States Army.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thaNewDealer, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Well blades,unfortunately I will have to get blood tested and urine tested for the Army and I definitely want to be clean.What I'm trying to say is that,I have to quit burnin.This sucks for sure but I think my life will improve.I'll get in shape and my brain wont feel so fried all the time.Anybody else out their in the Army?
  2. I was active duty, cheefed the whole time after basic training. Drinks lots an lots of water before those random tests. Wait in the back of the line with loads of water
  3. I have respect for american soldiers and all but power-tripping american soliders is a different story, fuck those guys.

  4. QFT:devious:
  5. Best of luck in the military

    ...Did you get the inspiration for your screen name from this?
  6. Good luck and have fun man. Let the GC know if you get deployed anywhere. And sucks you wont be able to blaze anymore. Peace
  7. If you feel like your brain is fried 24/7 you probably could use a break anyway

    Good luck in the army, stay safe & thanks for the protection
  8. Man, know how you feel with the physical activity and all. Shortly considered what it would be like to get in shape in the marines, but doesn't really fit in to my life at the time, so I've just taken it upon myself to get some well needed fitness into my lifestyle. One of the best choices I've made. It realy makes the difference, and you start feeling more alert and atuned to reality despite some heavy duty burning!
  9. I'm currently waiting to hear back about getting an ROTC scholarship, hoping for the best. Did you enlist?

    Also, re: the blood test - is that standard? How long before THC is out of your blood?
  10. Not sure. I was in the Navy for 6 years and stayed clean. Now most of who served together stay in touch but we ALL smoke again LOL. We get together once or twice annually and burn it up (stay the fuck away from salvia though). My advice is to pick a job such as Aviation Electronics Tech, get the boat load of college money (Navy college Fund or EQ.), do your time, and bail. Trust me I look back and it was totally worth it because of the lifelong friends I made and stay in touch with. I used every dime of my college money to get a software engineering degree. Now I blaze, grow, work when I must, and most of all just chill on MY time..... I suspect most of us ex-Navy people smoked before, (some during), and after!!!!
  11. had 3 sad semesters at college, came home this christmas and joined the army. 6 years, coming in as an E-3 PFC in the special forces program. I don't ship out til June but i still cant smoke no mo... :(
  12. Why can't you smoke nemore? I mean are you getting drugtested now? theoretically, if you just smoke a joint or two, surely by june it will be out of your system? What did the army tell you to make you think you can't just take a quick toke before serving your country?

    YOu know one smoke session comes out in a few days...
  13. Im in the army i smoke every now and then... I am and radiology tech so things is a whole lot more chill then being like an infantryman or somethin. But in some ways i wish i can get out now cuz i miss smokin everday but in the long run when i get out in 2 more years i can smoke and have a tight ass job.

    I mean its a bitch but the benefits is great. There is nothing wrong with making a little sacrfice. Bud aint going nowhere.
  14. u can blaze still just not at basic. if u go to afganistan like they smoke bud all the time over there
  15. Yeah for real i have a friend that was there and said they got some kill in afghan
  16. yea man bud grows everywhere in the middle east a lot of them will let u just take some if ur good to them
  17. Man, I hate when people say that they have to quit, take it easy man.

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