The United States’ War on Drugs: An Effort in Missed Economic Growth

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  1. This is a research paper I wrote for my microeconomics class a few months ago. Enjoy.

  2. yeah i read the first half

    thats true, that why we want marijuana be legal so we wont lose billions of dollars
    i just wish that they would drop this whole stupid war on drugs, it a scam, it a way to make people to lose money to govs so the govs can make billions of dollar a year

    but we can still do war on drugs, only on hard drugs, and hard drugs, it wouldnt take that much money to stop em all, probley like a couple million dollars a year
  3. a couple of million a year? How did you come up with those figures?
  4. Do you think drug abuse is a criminal problem? Do we send alcoholics to jail?
  5. idk, i'm just sayin

    if we legalized marijuana, there wont be that much a problem for economic
    if pot is legal, we save billion dollars a year
    which can go to schools, health, roads and so forth
  6. NO.. we choose to do drugs, that IS OUR PROBLEM, NOT THE GOVS


    i choose do x and weed but i quit doin x cause i dont wanna do anymore

    its our personal opionon

    its 50/50
    support and not support
  7. Exactly, so why should tax payers be robbed to fight an endless war on drugs? Even if it is just hard drugs, criminalization is not the solution.

    I can't believe people still believe in these state sanctioned moral wars: Terror, poverty, drugs...
  8. yea ik

    its all a scam,
    gov is tryin to steal our money

    the laws now is just fuckin ridiculus,
    man, i wish all the laws are burn and start all over again with the american laws that been created in 1700,
  9. From my point of view, most of the problems in this country come down to economic problems. If, for example, our country could afford to give every citizen a million dollars a year, how many problems do you think would occur? Not many, and so that needs to be our overall goal. How do we reach this? Capitalize on high-profit, currently illegal markets.

    The bottom line is, we will never stop the production and distribution of illegal narcotics or the sex trade. Human desire is just too great. By making these markets legal, it provides a number of benefits: increased safety, reduced street traffic/violence, open rehab programs, decreased spreading of diseases, increased tax base, etc. The list goes on and on. It seems foolish to ignore all the benefits with no possible way of stopping the illegal trade.
  10. It is funny how alcohol and tobacco, the two biggest killers in American society, are supported by the federal government because of the insane profits made from such products. You can buy a couple half gallons of liquor for the amount of like an eighter of pot.

    This "Drug War" is the most corrupt and idiotic plan in the last 30 years. U.S. tax dollars are being used to keep people from hitting bongs. Are you kidding me? We are already trillions of dollars in debt. How are citizens so unaware of this? It boggles my mind.
  11. Your last paragraph is one reason why legalization hasn't progressed further then it has. Think about it. The people that are keeping these laws around are the same people that made them. Calling their original plan idiotic and corrupt puts them on the defensive, something that's been happening since the War on Drugs began, and defensive people prevent results. The War on Drugs need to be refoucsed and redefined, not based on failures of past generations, but instead based on the vast amounts of knowledge those failures have brought.

    And for anyone that says my last sentence sounds like I'm opposed to legalization, I'm not. I support the War on Drugs where I feel it's needed, i.e. keeping "hard" drugs(coke, crack, heroin) away from kids, shutting down meth labs that destroy the lives around it, etc.

  12. Because we all know the black market checks for ID :rolleyes:

    I don't know about you, but when I was a kid it was easier for me to purchase black market hard drugs than alcohol.

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