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  1. How is that an opinion? Its pro-marijuana, which you agreed, so its biased. To not be biased, it cant be for nor against. What part of that is confusing you?
  2. I agree that its biased but it didn't intend to be. the creator was actually neutral or even a little against it when they started filming. from what I understand it was supposed to be a film on the marijuana industry in BC but not really on the plants effects. I cant remember where i read that so it might not be true but still worth mentioning

  3. It makes sense, he was mostly talking about BC bud. I think they added the General Pot facts in afterwards. It did take 2 years of knowledge looking.
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    Was literally just about to say that, everything is biased, some things just more than others
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    Actually that's a biased statement too. If it's not for or against, it's biased to a neutral.

  6. Comcast had it. It was OK, but nothing really too new.
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  8. In all honesty isn't bias nothing more then an opinion? That being said any attempt by anyone to produce something like this will have a bias.

    I do think the bias in this movie is contrary to what most Americans believe and unfortunately, I think a movie like this sort of ends up preaching to the choir.
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  10. I think we can all agree that it is very difficult to obtain a completely unbiased result in a documentary, as you need someone who has no opinion one way or another conducting the research.

    The union is a perfect example of (major) bias in a documentary as it shows only the positives of cannabis and fails to discuss the negatives. They purposefully excluded information to try to enforce their point.
  11. Its on NetFlix (Streaming)

    Incredible documentary btw...

  12. Okay so the Union was biased, what information did they give that you thought was either false or should be discredited from its bias nature?

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