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  1. I just watched the union. WOW! That was one of the best documentaries i have ever seen. I think im going to burn a dvd of it just to show people who are anti-weed. I know it will change their perspective, because it changed mine, and i smoke weed!
  2. Ive made all my friends watch it and got some weird reactions.
  3. where can I get my hands on a copy of this? I've tried to download it or buy it somewhere but apparently I'm too much of a stoner to find it :p
  4. Ha, what were the reactions like?

    Um im not sure yet but when i find it, i will PM you.
  5. Hey man, if you find a website I can watch the full thing, be sure to post it in this thread.
  6. Just search for The union on google video, you can watch the whole thing there.
  7. [ame=]The Union: The Business Behind Getting High[/ame]

    looks like someone recorded it off their tv. haha
  8. i think its supposed to look like that, but if you mean the quality is bad, i am unable to find dvds in stores anywhere, i think its only online, which is pretty sad that this is not fully available to the general public. If you mean that Tv outline then i think its only liek that for the begining.
  9. I don't know if it's allowed here, but I have a torrent link for the full thing.

    Hit me up via PM :) (It's demonoid)
  10. Thanks!

    I'm gonna bookmark it and watch it later.
  11. pure inspiration. opened up my eyes to what the world could and should be like with pot legalized. we could like the dealers said "perfect it and tax it" just like cigarettes. then we could export the products to any countries that we ship cigarettes to. dramatically improving the economy.

    everything just makes more sense for it to be legal now..

    like joe rogan said "if youre a thinker youre laughin at the marijuana situation".. and well im laughin my ass offff :smoking:
  12. It's sad though. You just have to look at whose profits will be affected the most to realise how hard it is going to be to get it legalized.
  13. WHat?? Dealers and/ or growers DO NOT want it legal, it would take away their profit if the goverment was raking in all the money. Its simply the users and supporters who want it legal. I am not saying all growers sell but large operations simply cultivate that much for pure profit.
  14. I believe its comming out on dvd this summer
  15. ya this is a great documentary.

    i watched it last night.

    they put it together so good. im planning on showing it to my parents who are anti-weed even though they both did it.
  16. I vote that the union vid link be stickied.
    That is all
  17. Cool story bro
  18. several had more questions and decided to do research and found even more facts that were not in the vid. some others took on different tone about it and others still think its "bad" per say. Im a smoker of 3 bowls a day. If anyone wants to try it Im always willing to smoke em up the first time and let them see if they like it. Only 1 has taken me up on that offer and he hasnt tried it since.
  19. The Union comes out on dvd July 28 :) can't wait, seen it many times but I want a hard copy to show people. (parents in particular lol).

  20. Just tried the other video and it didnt work so here is a new link

    [ame=]The Union[/ame]

    Great movie, it really makes you hate the people who run this country. To exterminate one of the most beneficial plants on the face of this earth would go down in history as one of humans biggest mistakes.

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