The Union

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Shipley, May 31, 2009.

  1. Just watched the first few minutes of The Union.
    I don't understand how governments around the world can't legalize it, despite the arguments in that documentary.
    I mean, there would be enough grounds on which to legalize it from what I saw, and I only watched about five minutes!
    I don't even know why I started this thread, I'm just angry now, at the huge smear campaign which the good herb has been put through in the past few decades :rolleyes:
  2. yeah we know man...

    its all because of money

    you could say corruption, ignorance and stupidity

    but its all about the money
  3. Epic movie i watched it today I'm telling everyone I know to watch it
  4. My mind just exploded, especially towards the end

    Spread this around, it's great. I'm going to get people I know to watch this, not just the ones who smoke.
  5. i love the union, i learned so much watching it, its an amazing informative piece
  6. This thread needs a link to the movie:

    [ame=]The Union[/ame]

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