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the union vs Grass: a history..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fenderj4, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. so i know there are tons of threads on here about weed documentaries and everything but i was wondering, which film out of these two do you think is best? i personally liked the union more
  2. The Union is great but the best one i saw was The True History of Marijuana on PS.TV. I havent seen the other one.
  3. I liked the Union way more, because it is very informative and fun as well! Grass goes far more into detail, though it's a bit harder to let it all sink in... You have to pay more attention.
  4. i like CNBC's marijuana special-documentaries.
  5. That is a difficult comparison. Grass is about how reefer became illegal and The Union is about how harmless and beneficial it is. I say watch Grass then The Union. But as for which one is better I don't think it is possible to choose.
  6. Thats why i think The True History of Marijuana is the best, it covers both of these areas very well.

  7. Damn, I've seen just about all of the well known documentaries, but I'd really like to see this one. I can't find it online though! Anyone know where I can see it without purchasing it? I live in Norway, so it's not for rent, and we don't have Netflix either... *sigh*:(

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