The union on dvd/vcr

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  1. Does it exist?
    I really want to give copies out to a couple people. links if possible?
  2. [ame=] The Union: The Business Behind Getting High: Joe Rogan, Tommy Chong, Brett Harvey: Movies & TV[/ame]

    took about 10 secs of googling :p
  3. lol sorry im watching it now ;p
  4. i watched it via netflix
  5. i watched on google vid and dled it to my itouch, im just tryna find a dvd copy so i can get it for my parents haha.. but yeah if netflix has it ill do that, i got 3 movies out now tho had em for like 9 months, lost the return envelope lol
  6. if you downloaded it why don't you burn it to a dvd then? Thats what I did, I don't wanna watch it on this computer screen when I've got a big tv just over there.
  7. that shits on netflix, but you can only rent from there..
  8. i dled it in mp4 format man =[
  9. VCR?

    You are joking, right?
  10. Do the even make VHS tapes anymore???

    I remember over hearing one of my parents friends talking about how DVDs will never become popular forever ago. Even then I knew he was crazy! The same way that Blu-ray will eventually take over DVDs.
  11. I just burned it onto a CD, but it plays just fine on a DVD player.
  12. you can download it from in like 8 minutes and put it right into itunes
  13. If you have a dvd burner/reader installed in your computer, you can rip the rented copy with dvd decrypter, and burn it to a blank dvd with dvdshrink (other burning programs work, but often the movie will be to big to fit on your blank dvd, so dvdshrink comes in handy).

    Use google to find these programs.

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