The unhealthiest munchies

Discussion in 'General' started by bag of suck, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. What are the unhealthiest munchies you've ever had?

    A little while ago, my friend and I received a whole batch (as in, whole cookie pan's worth) of homemade rice krispie treats. So we decided to wait until his dad left for work, and smoke before devouring them. Right when he left, we smoked about 3-4 bowls and just split the batch in half.

    Took about 2 hours to eat it all, and I felt so sick.
    Never doing that again. :(

  2. i would say a fat greasy meal with a carbonated soda/drink. the after feeling is like coming down on coke which you've done 6 months straight after quitting cold turkey

    (wow did they make sense im hella high right now)
  3. hot fries will fuck you up six ways to sunday
  4. i used to take peanut butter and add a bunch of sugar... so i get like the peanut butter in reeces cups.....

    yeah that was pretty bad for me.... i could feel my arteries clogging...

  5. Let me go ahead and state the obvious by saying:

    It's definitely way too easy to get carried away with ice cream!

  6. McDicks for sure. That place kills more ppl than cancer
  7. Wow that sounds delicious, why have I never thought of that!?

    I use to pour choclate syrup on Peanut butter, and that was pretty delicious. I think I'm going to put sugar, chocolate, and peanut butter together and devour them :eek:
  8. I used to make peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and marshmallow fluff sandwiches. Washed down with a glass of milk...fuck those were amazing. I wised up and stopped doing that, though. lol
  9. I like pepperoni pizza bite feasts. A whole mountain of them. :yummy:
  10. The Baconator
  11. Burger Kings' Quad Stacker.

  12. Behold the 8,000 calorie mega burger.


    The Heart Attack Grill, Tempe, Arizona

    Was out in AZ last year with some friends, got real baked, tried to eat one of these. Only got about half down. That thing is a monster, imagine it in your hands
  13. Omg i am so hungry this looks so good i want to go out and get something delicious but i have to take a shower and get ready first. And that shits going to take forever.
  14. I definately went to Bush Gardens (theme park near my house) and got a 5 pound bag of gummy bears.

    I didnt eat all of it but i felt like my stomach was caramelizing
  15. holy shit man that burger looks like a chore, i'd have to be real baked to even consider that. one time me and one other guy racked up a 20 bill at McD's, that was probably the most unhealthy munchies i've had. We pulled up to the window and were quite obviously baked, the guy at the window looked at the two of us and just burst out laughing
  16. How the hell do you even eat that burger?! I take it silverware is required?..
    But, I love the ratio of lettuce to everything else. :D

  17. The Ramly Burger



    The Ramly Burger is distinctive from most other hamburgers due to the unique way in which the ingredients are served. Rather than the usual method of stacking the ingredients within the bun, the patty in the Ramly Burger is first covered with the desired condiments, then wrapped in a thin layer of egg.

    While the amount and type of ingredients vary greatly depending on location, a typical Ramly Burger consists of a beef or chicken patty, margarine, onions, an egg, cabbage, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce and Maggi Seasoning. This list is subjective, however, as Ramly Burgers are famous for being highly customizable.

  18. churches chicken. I love their steak finger, spicy chicken, regular chicken, and fried jalepenos. And they're one of the few places that carries red soda/
  19. I can't decide whether I'm intruiged or disgusted..
  20. Sonny's BBQ

    damn that shit is dank.


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