The Un Or Eu Or The World In General Should Enact Sanctions Against The United States Government.

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  1. This NSA scandal not only affects American citizens but millions of European citizens as well. We are invading the privacy of the entire world. The world should put sanctions on the United States government and maybe even the American sheeple until this PRISM program is disbanded. My European and other fellow foreign blades should call and write their governments demanding that they stand up for their people. 

  2. Don't forget that the EU is a founding member of Project Echelon and part of the "Five Eyes"  also known as the UKUSA agreement. 
    Canada, Austrailia, UK, and New Zealand.
    Echelon stations are virtually found through out all of our EU partners, and Japan. Data from your intel services is shared with ours. You just have not have the Guardian get the scoop yet as Prism as to let you know. 
    After that you can throw in China doing this as well and also on a global level. Its estimated that they have over 100 million dedicated to this effort. 
    North Korea, and Iran strangely also have there own services. Whats strange is there actually effective. 
    All of this by governments all over the world is viewed like downloading a mp3 or movie. It does not require anyone to physically breaking anything so like a mp3 its easier to rationalize and for better or worse like it or not its just going to be more perversive. 
    If you wander over to you will see a interesting article on the scope of this. The powers that be estimate there will be a time and its fastly coming that every single homo saphien for the most part will have some sort of digital presence and the EU, USA, China want it all. Good luck stopping them. 
    Does anyone here honestly think even if say our Congress shuts it down which it wont that they just simply won't rebuild it elsewhere?  Not a chance in hell. 
    I recall a interview with the Wikileaks Founder on how stupid he thought we all were. Over 1 billion Facebook accounts with everything that person does. Pictures, likes, dislikes, sexual preferences, GPS information etc etc. He was saying that we handed them the keys to the kingdom. They used to employ tens of thousands that spent a great deal of time to get the information that people so willingly share with a network that can be accessed even on the Space Station. Throw in Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram. You can just look at those and find out about 75% of a persons personality, location on the planet in real time and more. 
    Yes the government should not be doing this but we to are all guilty of creating a situation that temps it. Its like putting a bowl of crack in a room full of junkies. What do you think is going to happen?
  3. Yeah I'm also pretty sure that the UK has an agency that has direct access to PRISM. Please do not post if you do not know the facts. Also I don't know where you are from, but if you think that your government doesn't have a program that take personal information with out your peoples knowing about it than SHAME on you! American Sheeple... You must not have met me or the thousands like me who are not sheep, but american citizens trying to make a difference. So sir I say again, SHAME!
    Everyone is a sheep of some kind. Be it for your wife, husband, kids, work etc. The question is how much are you going to take for how long and what do you intend to do about it?
    I saw a few hands go up on the Patriot Act but to everyone it was just another day. The same people who enacted that legislation are still there. Say hello to eternal Diane Fienstien or Nancy P. You can read the whole legislative act online even. There was no secrets. If the thousands cared they would mobilize and ensure that they elected politicians that striped it from our government. 
    Its like the current IRS scandal. The Tea Party wants to make a impact...I would suggest that all the millions of them go camp or protest in front of the various IRS buildings, HQ or White House. I would imagine that if 1-5 million showed up in DC not only would there be no violence as thats to many people but you would get the attention real fast of some people. 
  5. Or they would call the troops out to clear the street of all protesters like they did on many other occasions. Remember the POUS has the power and will exercise the power to deploy troops against the civilian population if deemed necessary. I bet if 2 million strong show up you will have battalion sized forces in and around DC.
  6. How rude

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    Well lets seem African American Million Man troops to contain. John Stewarts shin dig no troops, Glen Becks thing same deal. If you march and cause trouble then sure they have a right to disperse you. Are there violations of that..of course. You make it sound like a zero sum game. Mistakes happen because humans are involved. There are rules to marches. You have to fill out various permits etc. Should you ignore the rules then get arrested well you did yourself in. If you follow the rules and they stop you then there in the wrong. 
    For myself I could care less about the cause if your causing destruction. Its my city I live in to. I pay City and State Taxes. I like the city I live in as well so for myself good riddance if that is the case. 
  8. Would you care to explain how the NSA scandal affects non-Americans? What are they doing exactly?
  9. Rules to exercise my right to free speech and freedom of protest? Need I say more? Get a permit with the intent on exposing the government? Laughable....
    Well I guess you like most Americans live in the bubble. 
    Look up the Five Eyes, and Project Echelon. There all aspects of the NSA's program. Prism is not a single source of information its where all the information is put together. 
    The EU, UK, Japan, Australia and just about every Western Nation all contribute information to the NSA's programs. 
    What they are doing to us they are doing to you as well. 
    Well I guess you guessed wrong.
    My country (the Netherlands) has the highest rate of wiretapping in the world. I am well aware of this and of some of our politicians being butt buddies with the Americans. At the time I posted that I was under the impression that this was only about phone records, and since I've only made like 2 phone calls to the US in my life I was wondering how this affected me.
    James, I think you might be pleased to know that there is little need for me to call/write my government because this scandal is already kicking up quite a shit storm both in our parliament and (to a lesser the degree, I get the impression) in the EU. I hope it keeps going for a while because it's not inconcievable that if put under enough pressure, the Dutch government would collapse over this. I'm not a big fan of the current coalition government so I would welcome a fresh round of elections.
    I'm just glad I have nothing to hide. I know it doesn't make this shit ok but at least they won't be coming for me personally because of some stuff I posted on the internet or said on the phone.
    Because the United States government is spying on everything you do on the internet. Intercepting all of your calls  and electronic communications in general. 
    Yeah, it's fucked up. I'm more concerned about my own government does about/with it though. The Americans can intercept all they want but if my government doesn't cooperate with their intentions or use that data themselves, the Americans can't touch me. Actually I guess they could but it really depends on what my government would do to protect me from that.
    That is the facially of that rule of thought. A huge percentage if not over 50% feel that way. So when you have a system that has absolutely no checks and balances bad things happen. 
    Mistakes are made all the time. Government goons are no different then you. What if they have the wrong info and act on it. Happens all the time. What if someone gets on my computer and starts sending Jihad messages in mass? Then I get to visit the waterboarding room 200 times and it all was a mistake. 
    This is all a slippery slope. 
    This is why I said "I know it doesn't make this shit ok".
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    I've been calling for sanctions to put in place against the US for its decades of committing terrorism around the world, but this will suffice. We are a rogue nation. We're totally out of control. We need a BDS campaign against the US for sure.

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