The Ultinate Wake And Bake

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  1. So I haven't been able to sleep all night. As usual my mind was racing and keeping me free sleeping. So when u started hearing the birds chirping this morning I realized I haven't fall asleep all night, so I decided to do the ultimate wake and bake. L this morning when I decided to wake and bake I just got out of bed put shorts on then proceed to sleep down stairs right by my dads room. My Dad is has always been a light sleeper and has recently started to suspect I smoke. So I got outside with my plug I'm vape, I can and extension cord and plug it in my garage, then I put my plug in vape down outside and plugged it in. The. I got ur some dank bud and started breaking it up. I really took the head of the plant, the best nug and ground it up. Idk how I did it but from there I got my vape absolutely ripping. I'm way higher than I've ever been right now. I'm crazy baked. But anyways so I vape from 4:37 am to 4:57 am outside my garage. The whole time I was semi para kid my dad would wake up and find me. So u finish ripping the dank nug thought the vape and then I out my vape in a plastic bag and hide that and my stash outside covered by leafs. Then I managed to creep up the stairs past mind dads room and successfully write this fr my bed on my phone like I am right now. If you kept reading this your probably soooo baked cuz I wrote this story so shitty bracuse I'm baked. Yea so that's my ultimate wake and bake
  2. Cool story bro
  3. cool story hoe
  4. Sounded alot cooler when I was baked
  5. cool. i am enjoying my wake and bake rite now
    i already made a sweet before i went to sleep last nite. i packed a bowl with 4 dif strains of dro and i am listening to the doors now. a band i never really listened to before
    i got 4 more hrs, ima go play video games for a while and get back to bed before my wife and kids wake up :)
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