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The ultimately handy and extensive stoner guide for beginners.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sheniqqluv, Aug 12, 2011.

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    For those who know little to nothing about Marijuana (Ganja, Weed).

    I am first going to divide topics in sections:
    i) The drug itself
    >General facts
    >Effects briefed
    >Sativa VS Indica

    ii) Ways to use the drug
    A) Smoking paraphernalia
    B) Rolling
    C) Cooking

    iii) Scoring
    A) Common bad situations you can avoid
    B) Maintaining Foresight
    C) Street Prices

    iv) Common weed etiquette
    >The generally accepted "rules"

    i) The drug itself

    To open up, we will first state the basic facts. The active ingredient
    in marijuana is a hydrocarbon known as THC (?-9-tetra-hydrocannabinol).
    THC appears in trichomes (seen as little crystals) on a bud or leaf. Buds
    contain much more THC than leaves. THC can be taken off of the bud and be made
    into hash, which is just THC concentrated.

    When you smoke weed you can only vaguely know what to expect. There are some things that are more common than others. Four very common things to expect are euphoria,

    munchies, red eyes, and cottonmouth. The feeling of being 'high' is pointless to describe if you have not tried it. The high of weed does perhaps vary from strain to


    A strain is a breed or race of weed. Marijuana is bred for certain qualities, such as its "high". The two ancestral "mothers" of most strains today are Cannabis

    Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Indica-heavy strains contain higher amounts of CBV and CBD which are also active ingredients in marijuana and they are similar to THC.
    Sativa strains are inversely high in THC but low in CBD and CBV. A good way to tell strains apart, however, is to look at the plants themselves. Short, stalky plants

    are Indica and tall, thin plants are Sativa [generally].

    ii) Ways to use the drug

    There are many methods to use weed. It cannot be shot or snorted, obviously. You also can't do it like a supposatory. Smoking it is most common and is easy if you

    do it right. When smoking, the number one reason why people "don't get high their first time" is because they did not inhale and hold the smoke. Expect to cough a

    few times but then you will actually
    get used to it.

    Many people burn their fingers their first few times smoking. Make sure you hold the lighter right. Hold the lighter so that the flint wheel and flame are ABOVE your

    thumb, not below it (flames rise).

    A) Smoking paraphernalia:

    -The pipe:
    A pipe (usually glass, carved rock, or wood) is an instrument which you suck the smoke through.
    The bowl, which is placed on top and is self-described as a "bowl" is where the weed goes. You suck through the mouthpeice while plugging the hole beside the bowl

    (the carborator) and fire up
    the bowl.

    -The bong:
    Essentially a pipe that runs through water. You suck out of the top and pull the smoke from the stem through the water so that it cools down and filters the smoke.

    Often times you can pull the bowl out and use it as a carborator.

    -The bubbler:
    It's like a bong in that the smoke runs through water but it is shaped like a pipe.

    Joints and Blunts are terms for marijuana cigarettes and cigars, respectively. Joints are made from cigarette paper and blunts are from tobacco papers. Use of these

    terms vary from country to country, but this is generally accepted.

    B) Rolling:
    You have two options. To learn yourself, or to get a roller. Learning yourself takes practice.

    C) Cooking:
    You can also cook pot into butter, and therefore into foods such as Cookies, Brownies, Rice Krispies, and even Macaroni and Cheese.

    Cooking pot into butter is as simple as it sounds but still you must follow a few key steps.

    You will need:
    >1 stick butter
    >Measuring Cup
    >1 cup water
    >Up to 2 oz weed
    >Crock Pot

    Get your crock pot and set it to ~220 F. If using a stove this means just above waters boiling point.
    Boil 1 cup of water and mix the stick of butter in.
    Stir, then grind up the weed as fine as possible and add to the mix.
    Keep stirring, then turn the pot lower, to about ~180 F.
    Keep the butter cooking for as long as possible but dont let it burn. If it smells like popcorn you
    may want to turn it off right now.
    When done, strain the weed out with the cheesecloth, keeping the butter/water in a bowl.
    Put the bowl in the fridge and wait for the butter to form as a solid.

    iii) Scoring
    First thing i can tell you is that it all depends on where you are at and how you carry yourself in
    public. Scoring not only includes looking for a dealer, it also includes gaining the dealers trust, and
    avoiding bad situations.

    A) Common bad situations you can avoid
    Bad situations that are not uncommon:
    -A guy says he can get some awesome weed from a homie uptown. All he needs is for you and your friends
    to chip in some cash while he "goes and gets it". You give him the money and he takes off.
    -A shady dealer is asking you to meet in an obscure location and it's night time. He arrives late with a
    couple of friends with him.
    -Dealer charges twice as much for some popular strain and rapes face making money off beleivers
    -You ended up on a bad side of town

    Be smart. When approaching a dealer in public, always make a spot check. Think of it like a game or some kind of warzone.
    You need to know how many people there are, what kind of people are about, and how to save yourself from trouble. Hard as
    that sounds, it really isn't. Act natural but not like a beta moron. Be keen on social interaction. The people who do best
    in drug endeavors are usually the type to have "foresight".

    B) Maintaining Foresight
    Foresight helps you avoid certain things (things which you would later learn by experience). Here are some examples of what
    could be key analytical points when meeting your dealer.

    -Composure is important in knowing anyone. Specifically it can answer questions when you think something is fishy. Often
    times they are doing something else. If you are talking to someone who is on meth you might be concerned by the vibes he
    sends off. Also, dealers lie. Lying and Stealing go hand in hand.

    -Look at where the dealer is looking. Is his focus going to one single spot every so often, such as his waist or a location
    around the metting spot?

    -A good dealer can be on "your level". An aggressive and often nervewrecking dealer will demand you act up so you can be on
    "His level". However the best theives act like your friend.

    C) Street Prices
    Common street prices for weed are as follows:

    1-an area where weed is abundant:
    Half O= $100-$120

    2-an area where weed abundance is normal:
    Half O-$140-$170

    3-an area where weed is retarded expensive:
    Half O- $300
    O- $450+

    iv) Common Weed Etiquette
    Everyone must provide something if they can. Greed is implied through some acts in smoking. Also there are other things, like table manners, that come with smoking. In order of importance (personally) I follow these guidelines.

    1) Don't EVER snitch.
    2) Always have a back up story if not caught red handed that your group agrees to (if the situation means so)
    3) Always try to bring something to the circle.
    4) Don't tell people you smoke weed, and seriously don't tell people you grow (if you do)
    5) Have some music playing that everyone is okay with listening to.
    6) If you stop smoking, and a mate passes you the pipe, take the pipe, and pass it over to the next mate so as not to break
    the circle.
    7) Have fun.
  2. No discussion of dealing

    oh and.....................................Todo eso????????????
  3. Silly person, there is no such information procured in my guide.

  4. you just edited
    it was the largest segment in your "guide"
  5. Hard to read, and I think its cbd and cbn, not cbv
  6. Yeah im sorry man you gotta make this more friendly to the eyes.. add some color, some pics, i just kinda skimmed through it tbh. and theres way more types of pieces..not to mention there's already a bunch of these.. lame :(
  7. no where is a gram of herb worth $30 dude. no matter what. You're just telling people to get ripped off.

    Standard is 20g in non medical areas. Even that is expensive in my opinion. I buy in bulk. Do it
  8. since most people are inept as fuck to the search button and finding things on their own, this guide is pretty ok and detailed. It could be WAY more detailed
    but for someone that has just a few questions to ask i think its pretty good

    even though this may be the 40596095860935th one made

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