The Ultimate Test of Endurance.

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - 100 Ways To Love A Cat: Ways 1-100[/ame]

    some top youtube comments:


    I got to 17 before I just couldn't take it anymore. :eek:
    how far can you get?
  2. the ultimate test of endurance

    lasting more than 10 minutes inside one of these girls...

  3. Eh, I could do that easier than watching that whole video.
  4. up to 58!
  5. I watched the whole thing a few months ago.

    Been there, done that.
  6. Im a dog person :p
  7. This video takes my pussy getting to a whole new level.
  8. well, i made it through 9 before i had to shut it off, also, i enjoyed how pissed off the cat was in pretty much every shot of the 9 that i saw
  9. I was like "Pshhhh, I can watch anything."

    Turned it off at 3.
  10. This cat just looks like he hates his owner soooo much.
    He walks away from everything.
  11. Okay I watched all the way to 100...I officially have no life, I know.
    But I've come to these conclusions.

    That sucked.
    That is the worst owner ever.
    I'm pretty sure the cat would rather get ran over by a car than to
    put up with that anymore.
    He's probably trying to eat himself to death.
    Seriously he eats way too much fucking food.
    I'm sure the cat hates living with that guy and wants to rip his
    hands off.

  12. HAHAHA that was good man :p
  13. 18 I was going to try to watch the whole thing. I just can't do it...

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