the ultimate stoner planning ahead story...

Discussion in 'General' started by Retroshark, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. so in 04, i had some surgery, and filled to bottled of vicodin. i knwo i used one for the pain, but i always wondered what happened to the other. anyway, tonight while cleaning the kitchen, i decided to get up on the kitchen counter and go look at the top shelves of the cabinets for god knows what reason.

    anyway, the first one i look in, i see a familiar orange and white pill bottle, and sure enough, it was my 8 leftover vicodin pills i stashed away so my parents would forget and i could reclaim them later... 3 years later in fact.

    so now i have 6.5 pills left, as i took 1 and a half. after smoking a bowl and a cigarette, im feeling pretty good. ive never abused any kind or prescription drug before, and i am not planning on starting, but these pills are pretty much just gonna go to waste otherwise, so what the heck.

    im gonna save the rest for when i get to school, itll be nice to have some to chill out with after the first week is done. im gonna be mad stressed :smoking:
  2. haha hell yea but just because i had an issue with rX i say take it easy that shit can turn you into a lil fucker in no time.

    just enjoy your shit responibly. and i love smokin a cig after blazin. what kind you smoke. im either kools or nat sherman MCD kings
  3. i smoke american spirits, the blue ones.

    my friends got me into the smoking after blaxing thing. id quit smoking for 2 years, and seeing them do it each time we smoked was piccing me off, so i started again. now im quite happy i did.

    in fact, another cig is about to meat its demise.
  4. on the topic of cigs I smoke marlboro red shorts :D

    mother fuckers rock for real
  5. oh and I forgot about the topic

    dude I feel you ive been taking the left over hydrocodone 10mg from when I broke my feet dood yeah I got you
  6. damn man your a trip thats basicly exactly what happened to me but with the nattys. i smoke for a couple years quit a few smoke for 6 months now i quit again.

    cant honestly say i like american spirits something jsut seems wrong for me. ive been tryn to +rep you btw on some of your other posts but i need to spread more love before i can ><
  7. Smoothes for me :), and wouldn't the Vicodin have expired over a 3 year period?

  8. yup, still got a lil kick to it though, not that vicodin has much of one to begin with
  9. I didn't know they make Reds in shorts, but you got the Reds part right:hello:.

  10. what? of course they do EVERYONE smokes them out here all the cowboys lol they rock dude that or the 100s the shorts are better though

    in the box of course :)
  11. i started smoking reds when i was 13. those were the good old days. havent had one in years
  12. man im fucking having GREAT luck.

    i may be getting a 5000 dollar computer in a few hours... free, im ust waiting to see if it really happens

    my dealer from school just sent me a message telling me to get ready to smoke mad nuggetry when i get back in town in 4 days. i cant fucking wait! first night im gonna eat some of these vikes and smoke a fat b-town blunt!

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