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  1. Ok so say you get a big water tank and catch a fish from the lake. be it a silver bass, perch, walleye, etc. and you keep it as a pet. wouldnt that be epic??

  2. Naw, unless you could get a shit ton and fish for your meal.  What you want is a dolphin.  Get all baked and dive into a tank with your pet dolphin?  Yup, I'd love that.
  3. no black person owns a dolphin! and neither can i swim. that would be dope though
  4. Seems like it would have to be a really damn big tank unless you just want some huge ass fish chilling in your tank all like "man, I wish I could move in any direction whatsoever" 
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  6. no man. the poor fish will live a long life trapped in one spot, unable to move much, basically for your entertainment
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    I've done this... from sunfish, greensunfish, a couple white bass, even a perch. Eventually the sunfish died due to unknown causes. The greensunfish grew from 3 inches to over 6... and ended up killing the awesome little yellow perch. The white bass were stupid, but would have been kept had they adapted to eating but they did not. Oh, I also had a bluegill too. They were cool to have, feed, and examine. They had personality. Some of them were actually seemed kind of smart, like they recognized you and knew when they would be fed.
    Edit: They lived in a 27 gallon fish tank.
  8.   The problem is you need an enormous tank for them to be healthy.. 
      At LEAST 100 gallons for a single bluegill (unless they're stunted adults)..
     Walleye would be difficult.. they cannot handle high temperatures.  There are some dwarf sunfish species that do great in groups- banded sunfish
  9. Although I like the way a lot of fish look, they're shitty pets. Can't pet 'em (Well, technically... whatever), can't hug 'em, can't bond with 'em, etc... (Just broke a record for the most "em"s used in one sentence BTW), plus when you keep pets like birds and fish you're totally fucking them over. Kind of a hypocrite though, because I would totally own a piranha lol.
    I think a tegu would be a really awesome pet, it's a lizard that basically acts like a dog. Geckos, chameleons, and iguanas are total BAMFs too. Basically lizards and snakes FTW. Bull dogs are also chill as hell, and I could totally see my lazy ass just blazing with my bull dog, but you have to clean gunk and shit out of their faces and that just seems gross as hell. Pit bulls are awesome, but... dat insurance.
    Or get a hammerhead shark.
  10. Get a whale and buy an oceanSent from the Android Beast: Galaxy Note 3
  11. I would raise a baby kangaroo and throughout its life, teach it to smoke weed, do martial arts and sign language. I'd also teach it to hold my smoking equipment in its pouch. That way the cops can't get the kangaroos permission to search his pouch. Oh ya and it would have a strict diet of bass and other sea creatures that you people think would make great pets.

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  12. Now that would be the ultimate pet!

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