The Ultimate Never Get Caught Thread Part 1 - Smoking At Home

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    I want to start a series of comprehensive threads dealing with methods of eliminating the chance of being caught with that sweet skunky smell in your area. Subjects of focus include: smoking in your home, car, and going to work.

    I've always wanted this posted because people are more afraid of the consequences of getting caught with the substance than the side effects of the substance itself. Cannabis is a soft drug, and has many medicinal purposes. This guide is meant to help those who benefit from the use of cannabis, and who don't want to be punished for getting caught for using it.

    SMOKING AT HOME =====================================

    If you live with people that oppose indoor smoking, then the rule of thumb is usually to wait until they go out, but if this not a reality then follow this guide:

    1. Ensure that you pick a place that is not heavily travelled, and that you have good control over the ventilation (windows, fans, vents) and security (locks are preferable on the doors).
    2. As for method of usage, I would rate them from highest to least (in terms of my interpretations of heat ) in this order, along with skills/materials necessary:
    7. Blunt - giant amount of smoke produced, dense smoke, lots of smoke loss from blunt.
    6.Joint - there is unnecessary smoke loss from the burning cannabis cigarette, a lot of dense smoke is produced in the room, what to do with roach and ashes, have to know how to roll a joint.
    5.Hot knives - need access to a heating element, hard to operate for beginners, hard to operate stoned, can hurt yourself
    4.bong - gets you really ripped, produces a lot of smoke (unless you ghost), produces smoke from lit bowl, requires water.
    3.waterfall/pale/bucket - needs constant water supply (unless it is provided with a pale apparatus), need to make or have bowl, need to make bottle into waterfall/pale, action is easy to do, produces a lot of smoke (unless you ghost).
    2.parachute/chute/lung - needs no water supply, need to know how to make chute, need to make/have bowl, produces a lot of smoke (unless you ghost).
    1.pipe/one hitter/dug out/steam roller - usually portable devices, really easy to use, no possibility of mess ( ie with water), easy to measure dose
    ULTIMATE METHOD: VAPOURIZER - is the most efficient method of cannabis inhalation, produces very little scent by itself, only downfall is access to a heating outlet/electric outlet and they're usually not portable.
    Personally I use a 2 L plastic tube, it's about a foot high and I use a 1 L evian bottle for waterfalls. I created a bowl using 2 11/36 sockets and it's wicked.
    3. Tools of the Trade:
    Sploof - cardboard toilet/paper towel roll stuffed with fabric softener sheets, you then place one other sheet on the other side and secure it with a rubber band. These work fairly well by themselves, but are a tool to avoiding heat. They make the smoke smell somewhat like the scent of the fabric softener.
    Fans - blow the smoke into them so that it is no longer a thick cloudy mass, they help circulate the air and the spray in the room.
    Ghosting - holding the smoke into your lungs and breathing out no smoke. This helps to remove the smoke from the room.
    Windows - when a window is present, is it usually best to blow smoke out of the window, as it eliminates the smoke in the room.
    Air Sprays - these are your Febreze/Axe/aerosol products that help make the air smell better, spray them into the fans, and all about the general area. Don't spray TOO much though. Also, if needed spray on yourself.
    Visine/Clear Eyes/Eye Drops - make sure to get the original/red eye wonders!
    Using a technique that combines all of these tools will ensure success in the technique of indoor smoking.
    3. If there is a lock on the room of the door, lock it and if possible, place a towel at the base of the door (it is up to the individual to judge the level of heat).
    4. Use a method that is the most appropriate for your environment. Be sure to place all of the remains in a safe place for disposal that will not be seen by anyone. Make sure to always maintain your method of use, and become the best you can be at it.
    5. Use a combination of the tools of the trade, as well as eat/drink anything, as it will relieve the munchies and the cottonmouth.
    6. Always ensure that after the session has ended, you air out the place as best as you can.
    7. Enjoy your cannabis buzz.

    Please comment and add suggestions.
  2. wheres blunt on that list? should be at the top. you musta been stoned and forgot.
  3. oh shit. you're right. that's why there's suggestions.
  4. do i get plus rep for pointing that out or what? hahahahaha kidding. be sure to mention that the smell of cigar lingers for a long time, and a joint is nothing compared to it. also, no mention of candles or inscents? they work wonders, just be sure to burn them when youre not 'burning' as to not draw suscipison. i think much better than using axe spray all the time, as thats pretty much a dead give away. good luck with your guides.
  5. this thread has some good potential, but to make it a hit I suggest you space your steps for easier reading and pics would give this thread the illustration it truly needs...Just a few pointers.
  6. Thats much better, Now are you going to say thank you Hashmouf?
  7. im glad theres a pic of a window, id be lost without it.
  8. axe may be a dead give away, but so is insence.
  9. agree
    its hard to read

    soo far soo good
    cant wait till the car, i love hotboxin my car, i hotbox my car everyday for a year and never been caught :)

    oh and dont forget the rhottos
    those are the SHIT!!!!!

  10. not if you burn them all the time.
  11. Its pretty much simple this is what u do,grab a pillow put it on the floor leaning towards the door then put a towel over wet or not it will work there you have a good seal and no one will be able to see anything from the otherside,then all the smoke u blow instead of blowing it outside,blow it in a wet towel while your near the window sure u will see smoke but it will be scentless even though a little bit of smoke escapes from the bowl thats when u turn on the fan! yay! and with the window open oh yes always use a lighter anyways the weed u smoke in there wont have any scent i guess idk wtf am sayin pretty fucked up but yes this doe work fosho :) :bong:
  12. Decent guide, Nothing i didnt know but good for other people, Prolly a good thread for 'apprecntice tokers'.

    But im interested in the car one, Dont hear many people talk about that one, I do what i do.

    Smoke with all the windows open, Light a black n mild during/before/after to have that smell goin and usually only a blunt so i can jus toss the roach. And sometimes i use the one hitter/ciggerate pipe lookin thing. Did today.

    Was gon do it in the whip in the parkin lot at work but it still was busy out there at night and my homie was with me and he had half a blunt so we walked for a minute to these apartments and i smoke my one hitter and got a few hits of ganz and then took a few hits off his blunt till we went back. Thats always sketch tho.

    On the walk there a po-po drove past.

    And on the walk back jus about to leave the spot we at i spot a dude walkin our way about 50 feet away and we done walkin back to work and dude spots us like 20 feet away and says 'thought i smelt something.' I jus laughed but deff sketch.
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    Well, not that I was ever young and stupid. =)

    But I used something like this To keep the weed in.

    Along with a 20oz pepsi bottle, with the end cut off, filled will drier sheets hidden under the bathroom sink. Smoke, breath through filter out the window. Never got caught while in HS.

    for bonus points do what I did, use duct tape to put the filter up under the sink.. no one short of a plumber will ever look there.
  14. i was to high to read all that but i think its a good idea there should be one for smoking around in a fuckin city

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