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The ultimate incognito setup

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by evilalex, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone I am new to these forums, and the beauty of marjuana. I'm just some kid living with his parents. Feel free to hate me etc etc I understand why. When I began to smoke weed, I faced an issue, and that issue was being caught. I have read loads of threads and tutorials on various different ways to mostly stay incognito while smoking weed, but I have found the perfect recipe taken from a few different threads and put them into one. Many know about this stuff, but I found it hard to find myself. That is why I'm making a thread. I just hope that it helps a single person.

    The first thing to know is that this WILL cost some money. Not much, probably about $150 total.

    The first thing I bought is the Magic-flight Launch box. It's a small handheld vaporizer that will fit into your pocket. It uses rechargeable batteries that come with it, that you can charge using a wall jack. Takes 3 seconds to vaporize, it is an awesome device. Magic-Flight.com - Official Home of the Launch Box Vaporizer is the site. It costs roughly $110

    The second thing I bought is the SmokeBuddy. It is very cheap, roughly $20. It is basically a sploof. Unlike the toilet-paper roll with dryer sheets method I was using before, this completely eliminate all exhale smell. It uses a carbon filter that absorbs everything. Use next to window.

    Once you have that stuff, you're pretty much done. What I do is put a damp towel underneath my door. This is to ensure that if there is any excess smell what so ever (there will not be much), anybody outside your room will not smell a thing.

    Go ahead and open as many windows as you have in your room, turn on the ceiling fan, and turn on a mobile fan. I don't mean a little 2 inch fan you get from six flags, I mean a medium size fan that you can plug into the wall but move around the room to ensure that everything in your room is getting flushed with fresh air.

    Lastly, your stash. What I do is first start off with one bag of the bud. I take a normal sandwich bag and close the top almost all the way, but leave a small little hole where I can put my mouth. I then place my mouth on the hole and suck in as much air as I can. Then quickly close the hole. Hopefully there should not be any extra air in the bag. Next, get another bag and a bunch of dryer sheets. The amount depends on how much bud you have. Put the first bag inside the second bag, and add the dryer sheets to the second bag. Once again, remove all the air from that bag. Next get yet another bag and whatever else (different) type of thing that will smell nice. I use the deodorant stick that I pulled out of the plastic, that will work just fine. Do the exact same thing and remove the air.

    Congrats, your stash is perfectly sealed. Next just find a good spot to hide it. I recommend either a desktop/server that will NOT be on ever, or the back of a playstation 2. If using a playstation 2 (FAT), you will notice that there is a small mesh on the front that lets you see through the stash spot. To avoid anybody from seeing it, I ripped a piece of paper and simply shoved it into the back of the ps2 against the mesh. That way if anybody happens to see your ps2, there is no way they will see a bag or anything. If you don't know hat I'm talking about, go look at a ps2. Then you will understand. Any other place in a closet that has many layers is great. The more layers, the more protection. Do the same with both the smokebuddy and the launch box.

    That's it. I know it's not much of a tutorial but I would just like to let you guys know my experience in staying incognito, and how I keep everything hidden. Thanks, I hope I helped a few people :rolleyes:
  2. /thread number 20394 on the fundamentals of concealing weed use
  3. The best way to keep weed is a glass jar. No bag crinkling or shitty taste because of deodorant, just bud smell concealed in glass.
  4. Glad Im not a kid anymore and don't have to hide anything

  5. More like 6834256.

    Good work man, don't mean to discourage you.
  6. That's nowhere near the "ultimate". Hell if you have an mflb then you don't need a spoof unless you combust it regularly. You should have seen the setup I had when I lived with my parents, THAT was ultimate
  7. amen to this. but good thread kid.

    if ya need help with anything pm me, id be happy to help a fellow toker

  8. I love my smoke kit. :hello:
  9. [quote name='"CentiZen"']That's nowhere near the "ultimate". Hell if you have an mflb then you don't need a spoof unless you combust it regularly. You should have seen the setup I had when I lived with my parents, THAT was ultimate[/quote]

    Meh, I've taken hits so big on the MFLB that there is a slight smell in the room/car. Finely ground up dry top shelf dank with some 2700 batteries with a bong attachment never fail me.
  10. Plus it's easy to open and close jars without having to go through a whole process of zipping up multiple bags.

    The only downside is jars can be a bit tricky to hide.
  11. Thanks for the feedback.

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