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  1. If you could have a God that is responsible for our existence, then how would you want that God to be? What qualities would you want that God to possess? And what would you want heaven to be like?

    I am aiming at a bigger subject here, but first we need some answers.
  2. Huh, create God? Haven't we already? I mean if God exists, what are the odds that anyone alive knows what the nature of that God is? All the books and all the religions are creating God in their own images and look at what trouble it causes. No, I don't think I would purposely create a God at all.
    Btw, I do believe in God, and I speculate grandly on what the nature of God is. But I have no delusions that any of my versions are correct.
    Having said that, my favorite is that God is pure mind. My avatar pic was carefully chosen to represent that image. If my mind is the iceberg, then the ocean (with other icebergs floating in it) is God and is also the common "ground" we share.

  3. I believe your description of God in the last paragraph is correct.
  4. He should be able to shoot lasers out of his eyes and drills fly out of his follicles. Oh and probably not try communicate with us with a stupid vague book that's open to interpretation. Maybe give us his yahoo address.

  5. You think it's stupid and vague because its contents are spiritually-discerned.
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    I'm the most spiritually discerned guy on earth, you are misguided and a person that is tricked by the devil. Don't worry, the god i created is so merciful that he'll let this error slide as long as you believe he exists by communicating with toaster ovens.
  7. I claimed I was jesus once in a catholic school and was expelled
  8. They simply lacked faith.
  9. Ok first,Thanx chambs.

    Alright public enemy here's an answer that's closer to the vein of the question you asked:

    If there is a non-physical part of the mind, then MIND wraps round everything. Nothing physical could contain it. I assume that there IS a non-physical, just cause I can.
    If it turns out I'm right then we and God are one, and make up reality as we go. So If I'm right, then God is already perfect. But even if I'm not right you have MY perfect God.

    So, what's the deeper part you're wanting to get to?
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    My perfect God would be one who eliminated other's need to make others believe or lack a belief in any Gods. Discussions could still take place, but without the need to convert anyone. Other than that, it would stay out of our affairs and do its own thing.

    I don't want a heaven. Its lack of negative experience would be as monotonous as hell and the lack of positives. To me, they're both the same as purgatory.
  11. As usual, mindslinger expresses it well.

    We are free to choose to imagine whatever we feel works for us. And then, get to refine it as a result of how such an imagination affects the way we see the world. Everyone is free to decide what works for them. For those who talk about the need for resisting this or that, why imagine it that way? Why imagine something you wouldn't want it to be? How would that serve you?

    Perhaps it just reveals the way people naturally think about these things. Often this is the result of residual energy left over from the need to resist what may have been shoved down their throat, or certainly they were led to believe, as a kid. This is what religion (specifically the corrupt christian version) has to answer for. It and its followers are responsible for so much negativity that the world has needed a long time to recover from it.

    What is my ultimate god?

    Personal, knowable, recognisable, present. It is not nor will it ever be your god, even though there is no real difference between the way we all see it. By being part of me not outside of me, we are intimately connected in a way that reveals, enlarges, evolves, but does not need to compete, or confirm, that I see it that way. It changes things slowly for me, as it knows what I am and am not ready to accept, and allows me to grow in a way that means I do not have to rely on it for anything that I am able to do myself. The more I am able, the less it needs to do, until I do what it once did, perhaps even sharing the benefit of this with those still struggling to understand theirs.

    It shows me the results of my actions when I cannot understand why I feel the way I do, and allows me to understand why doing it another way serves me better. It makes no rules, nor predetermines what will happen, but can see what I need to make my life how I would want it to be before i know what that is. It is me as I am it. Something that comes closer and closer while I raise myself higher and higher, until we unite into a conscious whole that changes everything.

    As a human I resonate at a certain frequency. God resonates at another. I have to raise my frequency sufficiently so that I can interact with it without causing me to lose my way and become unbalanced. This is a process that must take time to complete lest I move too fast, open myself too much too soon, causing me to wobble out of myself and into a lower state of mind where it is much harder to remember that there is a god at all. But I am never ultimately lost, and time is always relative. So my journey is to return to where I came from, even if I don't know where that is, I simply follow the light that is always shining, until there is no doubt that I am there.

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