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  1. Who watched it tonight?

    i seriously doubt kimbo has any chance of winning... maybe if it was boxing he would have a chance but his ass is going to lose big time.

    as to the fight durring the first episode, that was so brutal im going to have to give it 9/10 for all that blood. guy had a gash down to his skull.

    any insights you would like to share?
  2. Is there perhaps a Youtube video? I heard the gash is pretty sick.
  3. Yah I watched it.. I wouldn't really call the fight good but it was brutal.. Abe spent 10minutes on his fucking back getting hit in the face.

    I've never seen that much blood in any fight really on TV. He had a hairline fracture!

    Man I'm rooting for Kimbo.. Pornstar Bodyguard Street Fighter or not he looks a bit determined and mean for sure.. I'm sure hes worked on his ground game if he hopes to have any chance, but from the few clips they showed hes got some pretty good takedown defense, and you don't wanna get too close to him that frequently!
  4. The fight wasnt that good, but the blood made it entertaining. It was just a onesided beatdown. I like Kimbo but i dont think hes gonna win it, but hell end up in the UFC anyways. Dana might not like him, but his name is big and itll draw some PPV buys...
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    oh for sure the fight itself was boring but once that blood started flowing there was no fight... just a gory piece of american entertainment.

    id like to see him win, i really would. it would be interesting to see him go up against the greats of the league, dare i say it "Kimbo Slice Vs Brock Lesner" in the future?

    as to a vid of the fight, ill see if i can find it.

    no video but heres a play-by-play

    Abe Wagner (Team Rampage) vs. Jon Madsen (Team Rashad)

    Round one: Madsen goes in with an early takedown and lands some punches from on top. He pushes Wagner's face down, preventing Wagner from moving at all. Madsen lands some elbows, opening up Wagner's face and creating a sea of blood under his head. Rampage yells, "You've gotta do something, Abe." Great advice, 'Page. When Abe moves, more blood pours out, and the sea of blood turns into an ocean.

    Between rounds, Stitch, the cut man, works a miracle in cleaning up Abe's face. His white towel turns red with Abe's blood.

    Round two: This round starts with another immediate takedown from Madsen. After they don't do anything on the ground, referee Steve Mazzagatti stands them up. Madsen goes for another quick takedown, and opens up Abe's face again. Abe tries for a guillotine, but they are so slippery that Madsen pops his head right out. Rashad yells to Madsen to finish the fight, prompting him to try to land a few more punches.

    Ouch, 20-16, 20-17, 20-17 unanimous decision for Jon Madsen. Rampage blames himself for the bad matchmaking. They show a close-up of his cut, and it's nothing short of gruesome. What a way to start the season!
  6. yea abe got manhandled, super bloody fight...

    my favorite bloody fight is most def bj penn and joe stevenson :D

    but kimbo is gonna get a huge wake up call by someones right hook :D

    did you hear that guy Shaub when kimbo walked in the gym?? he was like "fuck that guy" lmao...kimbo is fucked now...he is now in a leage where people dont fear him. i hope he gets knocked the fuck out, even though budzilla is right about him ending up in the ufc either way :mad:

    but i still wanna see him get knocked out. cold.
  7. That was one of the worst fights I have seen in a long time. Sure there was a lot of blood but I don't really care about that, it was boring as shit and reminded me why I never really followed the other Ultimate Fighter seasons; too many amateurs that don't know what the hell they are doing. Abe inflicted zero damage the entire fight and literally did nothing offensive except a couple half assed submission attempts.

    I'll keep watching this season cause Dana hyped it so much but I can't take watching another fight where someone getting their butt handed to them doesn't do anything back, at least they could listen to their coach.
  8. it'll never happen. at the most he'll be a gatekeeper for the new guys.

    If u don't have ground skills in MMA u deserve to get beatdown like Abe Wagner. He did literally nothing on the ground.

  9. he didn absolutely nothing, period. total lack of anything resembling a good effort.
  10. I wouldn't be too surprised if Kimbo has some basic ground skills. Last I knew he was training with Bas Rutten and I'll be damned if he didn't already point out to Kimbo that he will be demolished if he doesn't round himself out. That being said, Kimbo could also work heavily on his takedown defense to keep the fight standing up like a pseudo-Cro Cop.
  11. Sometime in the 2nd he did try to defend it but he couldnt.

    the fight was only on the feet for no more than 20 seconds.
  12. What you said. They have 4 guys on this season that are football! This isnt MTVs "Made", please have some experiance before you jump into it. Its like MMA is turning into something that any athlete is now training to do. Ever since Pride was dismantled, MMA has been on a decline...
  13. Most of em didnt just walk out of the NFL, some do have experience. Ur talking like theyre 0-0 with absolutely no training. And why cant an NFL player get into MMA? is it their fault they tried out for the show and got cast? Blame the UFC if you're gonna blame anybody.
  14. The NFL players are all ex NFL and for some time. None of them really got anywhere in NFL and it's been sometime since any of them stepped on the field. This season is specifically heavyweights so I don't see what the problem is if a couple heavyweight guys that used to play football fight? :confused_2:

    As for Kimbo....I used to hate on him back in the day, but for how many street fight wins he has, his attitude is surprisingly modest. "win or lose, I am just glad to be here to fight"
    Also, if anyone has seen his Elitexc fight against Thompson, Kimbo has definitely improved his ground game (he pulls some great reversals). I'm interested as to where he is going to end up.
  15. as far as kimbo goes, he'll advance to the final round.
    he's in better shape, he's been training with bas rutten . who is a fucken hard ass.
    yeah his ground game suffers but he's still to new to mma to be perfect.
    the other contestants really dont look like there in to good of shape.
    including the ex NFL players.
    they had the worst conditoning out of everyone...

    like that fat ass country guy who fought for the IFL hahaha

    and that first fight was ridiculous.
    hands down it was one of the worst mma fights ive ever seeen.
    yeah it was bludddy, but that was from two hits.
    they spent 6 mins on the ground holding each other.

    i agreee.
    plus there is so much punching power behind him.
    he could hit you in the leg and still knock you out hahaha
  16. I think Kimbo knows enough to knock out his first few opponents n make it pretty far into the competition.
    As for Abe Wagner I think part of the blame goes to Rampage for throwing a guy who admits to not know any wrestling against a guy who all he knows is wrestling.
    I'm not taking this first fight as my expectations for the rest of the season, I think there will be a few good slugfests
    Also I like Rampage better than Rashad but Rashad seems to know what he is doing while Rampage has no clue as far as coaching goes.
  17. they showed the gash after the fight at the end of the episode, and even if he had pulled a hail mary out of his ass and had won it after that gash he would be out for quite a while.

    jackson has no clue about coaching like the guy before me said. all he was looking for was the biggest guys and payed no attention to any actual skill, plus hes not much of a leader.

    evans on the other hand, has experience on the show so he knows what the guys need and how to best get in touch with them.
  18. I thought Rampage was really funny
  19. funny, somewhat, but you need more than humor to coach a team of amateur mma fighters.
  20. Nah ballbustin' is all ya need

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