The Ultimate conspiracy Theory.

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  1. Thanks man you will be laughing more when i'm a scientist that has proved a theory :D
  2. i see where you are going with this...

    and i like it :cool:

  3. I am glad :D,i don't know why this thread got moved to pandoras box though :confused:
  4. Jeez I can't believe some people are so foreign to the concept of a transvestite. Of course some dogs have vaginas even though they're male. God likes to teach acceptance so he fucks some of us up a bit. Even our pets.

  5. Hahaha
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    OK i'm baked and i KNOW this is true, i came up with this high and it just makes so much sense.

    Cats are female dogs, dogs come in two different types, one's with junk and one's without. since cats are such bitches, sometimes the dogs have to sometimes breed within there sex, there fore making more dogs.

    Cats are just female dogs, some with very small junk and some without, since dogs are so cool and to cool for cats, the cats don't stand a chance so they have to breed within there sex as well.

    commas are great huh now i can read it
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    Yeah, I love commas, a lot. They just, kind of, help make things, like, flow, you know? :p
  8. You sir are high as a fucking kite.

  9. Haha you got that right.
  10. Ok i get this dude.. totally. cuz i have friends and myself call my cat and many other cars her or she.. Its like wtf man its a dude it has a dick!!!

    But. if its got a dick its a dude, so might be myth busted. But, deep down, i think they bitches. :cool:

  11. Haha hell yeh :D
  12. holy shit what's going on?
  13. Goddamn, I think he's cracked the code!
  14. Naw, but everyone of us was made in a test tube by the government and we r constantly monitered and tracked. Also the president is just a puppet the real leader of our corrupt gov is hiding behind him
  15. Im a evil mother fucker huh woaaaaaah maaaaan
  16. This thread is FUCKING STUPID!!!
  17. So cats don't even exist then?! Wait what's a female cat then? Highly confused.

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