the ultimate blunt ride

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. haha tonight me n 3 other dudes are gonna go on a 3 hour blunt ride that we have dubbed "the ultimate blunt ride" haha its gonna be like a 3 hour ride that we mapped out to go all the way around the outside of pittsburgh and then some
  2. cooooooooooooooooool
  3. killer night ahead of you man, just be careful not to get caught anymore
  4. my advice is never break more than one law at once.....
  5. yea, i dont stress blunt rides though, cigarettes cover that smell up right quick, n i'm ill wit stashin drugs

    i have faith in tonight that its gonna be wordup, all i gotta do now is get a 5th person that is of female gender to sit by me in the back haha
  6. yea, i should quit smokin bud, but i really cant haha its just to fuckin good, plus i'll have 30 bucks for detox for my probation test anyway cuz i aint gonna get clean in 20 days, so what i'm doin is just not buyin any weed, if people wanna smoke sweet, but i aint spendin dough on it
  7. thats what i do when i take a break
  8. Pussy is the ultimate drug. Get hooked on that shit.

  9. word.

    However its easier said than done, its so much easier to smoke a blunt then find some floozie down for some random unprotected sex. There is just too much baggage attatched to the vagina, you know?
  10. Very true. Wrap your tool and make sure you got some good running shoes.
  11. exactly dont break the law, when breaking the law
  12. tell us how it went mannn
  13. Weed is better than having to check your dick for spots for the next 6 months. :rolleyes:

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