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The Ultimate Band

Discussion in 'General' started by Schad3nfreude, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Imagine you could assemble a band with any musician dead or alive, regardless of style/genre/era. Who would you want in?

    Mine would consist of:

    - Freddie Mercury
    - Michael Jackson
    - Janis Joplin
    - John Lennon
    - Jimi Hendrix
    - Slash
    Bass Guitar:
    - Mark Hoppus
    - Mozart
    - Elton John
    - Keith Moon

    That be one hell of a concert...
    What about you gc?

  2. You caught me at a bad time man, I was almost asleep, so I'm not going to be able to assemble a band. Tonight that is. However, that appears to be a helluva lot of people for one band man
  3. Yea, it is a bit much I suppose haha.
  4. Theyre all singing vocals at the same time? Or do they switch off
  5. if I started it's gonna take me 2 days to come up with the vocals only lol but keep it up I love dream bands.
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    They would switch lead/backup depending on the song. Their styles are dramatically different, but I feel they would compliment each other amazingly.

  7. Vocals:
    ben gibbard
    elliott smith
    richard d james
  8. Vocals: Freddie Mercury
    Guitar: Frank Zappa
    Drums: Neil Peart
    Bass: John Entwistle
    Keyboard/Organ: John Lord
  9. Eddie Vedder- Vocals

    I have to think more, but thats definitely whos gonna be singing
  10. vocals:freddie mercury, eddie vedder
    rhythmn guitar: bob weir
    lead guitar: jimi hendrix
    bass:ley claypool
    drums-keith moon
    piano-ray charles
  11. Vocals: Randy Blythe
    Lead guitar: Fredrik Thordendal
    Rhythm guitar: Tosin Abasi
    Bass: I want to say Reginald "fieldy" Arvizu, but I feel like David Darocha would fit the style better.
    Drums: Mario Duplantier
  12. Nas

    That's all I'd need, yo
  13. Vocals Bon Fucking Scott
    Ronnie James Dio
    Phil Lynnot

    Guitar Eddie Van Halen
    Jimi Hendrix

    Bass Cliff Burton

    Drums John Bonham

    I'm glad you chose multiple people OP cuz I couldn't pick just 1 for each instrumate
  14. Layne Staley

    Danny Carey

    Fredrik Thordendal/ Tosin Abasi

    Mats Öberg

    les claypool
  15. Neil Fallon
    Tim Sult
    Dan Maines
    Jean-Paul Gaster

    /wanking motion
  16. Vocals: Justin Bieber
    Guitar: Justin Bieber
    Bass: Justin Bieber
    Keyboard: Justin Bieber
    Drums: Justin Bieber
  17. Andre 3000 Neal Pert Jimi Hendrix would be the best 3 man crew of all time

  18. I'd rather see ?uestlove on the drums in that situation

  19. Hah I guess it would be better chemistry
  20. Vocals- phil collins,2pac
    Guitar - jeff daniels
    Bass - les claypool
    drums - danny carey

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