The ugliest plant in the world

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  1. Well this plant didn't go so well. It is Banana OG, I vegged it for months, low stress training it the whole time to keep it bushy, it had problem after problem from unusable soil, then spider mites, aphids, and finally in veg it finished off the list with powdery mildew 2 weeks ago.
    It is in soil, and showed first flowers the week of 8/2. It never looked great, to be honest, but the flowers were coming along nicely and showing that great frosty look. Anyway the past few days it has gone down hill FAST. During the beginning of flowering I wanted to rid the mites completely (and fungus gnats) and used Azatrol at 1/4oz per gal, it got 2 doses of this, and the last dose around 2/5oz in 1 gal. Things started looking good, but then suddenly all the leaves began drying very hard and crunch, but they would not fall. I had been supplementing with silica, thinking it was silica overdose, i stopped, but the problems only got worse. Fearing it would infect my other plants, I took it outside 2 nights ago, where it is now, and only getting worse.

    So here it is:
    you can see it has some sort of webbing on some of the buds, this is the main reason I'm pretty much giving up on smoking the plant. I was thinking I could just take the whole plant and make QWISO? what you guys think?
  2. Ah, fuck it. Grow it out and turn it into Hash.
  3. your is pretty frikkin' fugly....would post this in sick plant forum...i have no idea what happened to it:smoke:
  4. thats the plan [​IMG]
    It's worse is person lol, the camera really didnt capture any contrast, bright day out today. But really, there isnt much contrast from the dead looking plant, and my dead looking grass ;)

    So if I am making hash from the whole plant is there any point in flushing? This plant will probably go 2 more weeks then the planned 2 week flush, should I just give it 4 weeks with a bloom booster and hope for higher hash yield?
  5. Open up all the buds and look inside of them, I think you'll find caterpillars :eek:
  6. Hash or the trash choose one
  7. webbing must be bugs so that might b cauzing the prob. but also might b nute burn cuz dead leaves are on top of the plant and under stems are purpleing or so it looks from pictures could also be a combo of both
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    Looks to me like the OP stabbed it to death with sticks.
  9. LMAO before the sticks the plant looked even more abysmal, as soon as it stretched in flower it couldn't hold itself up, the stems always seemed more like vines than stems no matter how much silica or air flow they got =|
    but yeah the plant may have had some nute burn, but most of those disgusting leaves are from the plant REFUSING to drop leaves. It would just hold them until they browned and decayed on the plant, even then I would try to pull them off and it would just cause long tears down the steam (like peeling celery).
    Weird plant, oh well, hopefully the hash is fun at least.
  10. perfect plant for hash, prob will get a decent amount too
  11. lol at least you will save time trimming eh :smoke:
  12. easiest trimmed plant ever....I'd nute the hell out of it since its going to be hash...whats the worst that happens,it dies?
  13. no marijuana plant is ugly imo...even if yours has that earth tone and green combo to it...yeah, i AM biased, that is true...:)
  14. It still looks dank minus all that. I see the inner beauty of that plant. It had a rough life.
  15. its the new wave in weed....grown...trimmed...and cured....still on the stick...a timesaver for sure:eek:...hey bro...least ya had the nadds ta post that reps for that:D
  16. plant never really recovered, ended up chopping way premature because the plant was just dieing. made a little bit of qwiso with it. not much but better than nothin

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