The Turning side of the freedom of speech?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Oct 21, 2001.


Should sites that distribute "terrorist" manuals be prosecuted?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I found this article on the net, it are exceprts from a "cookbook" of the Al-Qaeda-network which is being disrtibuted among terrorist via the internet, it's a scarry thought that people can get all this information openly, but I also think you can't stop from happening and that education is key in this kind of problems. Thou shall not kill!


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  2. I have been sitting here trying to figure yes or no! This is a very difficult question. On one hand I am prompted to say, not necessarily prosecute these people but perhaps disable the site. This material is, after all, easily accessible for those who may be mentally disturbed, or just plain evil. I have this urge to say TAKE THIS OFF THE NET! This might prompt someone not even involved in active terrorism to take measures against others they dislike.

    But on the other hand the freedom of speech is something I value intensely. I love the fact that this country allows us to speak our mind, whether it be political, religious, etc. Even the negative, I believe is out there for a purpose. Though this material is easily accessible on the internet right now, if we were to prosecute the "offendors" or remove the sites from public view, would that really make a difference? There are other methods of obtaining this type of information, and I don't think it would necessarily stop the terrorists from taking action. I don't thinkit would be a solution that would easily solve our problems.

    So I am voting NO, but in reality I don't really know! My protective side is saying GONE WITH THAT SITE but the logical side of me is saying, well, even if those sites weren't up, terrorism would still exist and they would find other means to gather such information, and/or would find other means to do what they do.

    If that makes sense. :)
  3. HMMMM.....Should the creator's of this site be stopped/prosecuted for informing and seemingly promoting marijuana use?

    sounds like the same thing huh
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  4. Hmm, it looks like the page is already closed. Or am I the only one having problems opening it.
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  5. i cant vote! i dont know what one to pick!
  6. What's a terrorist?
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  7. This aged well... lol
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  8. A Republican.
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  9. Wtf is up with all these old ass threads being bumped recently???

    Anyone else notice this trend as of lately?

    Like who tf digs up nearly 20 year old threads lmao.
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  10. Bored AF folks
  11. Lol... This is the only logical explanation.
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  12. Don't forget the atf will prosecute you on constructive intent. The thought Police are here to stay.
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  13. Whoever u disagree with politically that engages in politically motivated violence or intimidation
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  14. i was going to say that they used the guise of sept 11 to impose a lot of restrictions on our country. but i noticed you wrote this like a month after that happened and we all know parts of what happened
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  15. The dissemination of information should never be illegal. The info isn't morally good or bad yet its subject too the users will.
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  16. I fully agree that it should be. While I support freedom of speech it should not be freedom from consequences if you say something racist, homophobic or use it to promote terrorism and killing people.
  17. The problem with this is you’re still telling folks what they can or cannot say.

    So freedom of speech is out the window.

    “You have Freedom of Speech as long as you dont say X or Y”.

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  18. No I am not telling people what they can or cannot say. Would you tell a black man who just got called the N word by a racist white man. "Oh you cant beat his ass because he has freedom of speech, so just get over the fact he called you the N-word." If you say something stupid you deserve to pay the price for it, but you still have every right to say something stupid, just expect to pay for it.
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  19. Which means the freedom part is gone from the equation.

    Lets use the KKK as an example - deplorable, despicable bastards - but they have always had the right to march through town and have their little gatherings - saying their asinine, awful racial things.
    This has been allowed because of the Bill of Rights and inevitably Freedom of Speech. Do I agree with it? Of course not - but it is their right to do so because of our American rights.

    Very similar to flag burning.

    Just because we dont agree with what folks say doesn’t mean they dont have the rights to say it - and without fear of repercussions.

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  20. Freedom of speech is disagreeing with the government and not being punished for speaking out about it, not going around insulting people. But you have a right to say this even though you are wrong. But with your logic they have a right to burn a cross on a person's lawn and they cant have the cops called on them.

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