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The Tumors Are Really Shrinking

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by GD1966, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Some background info: my wife first was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, which metastasized into her brain about two years ago. Two months ago we finally gave up on Chemo and radiation and decided to try and enjoy whatever time we have left. About 6 months according to her Oncologist. I had resigned myself to the fact that my sweetheart was dying. She is the love of my life. August was our 20th wedding anniversary. These last 20 years have been the best of my life because of her. She still takes my breath away!

    I mentioned my wife's plight in a thread and Granny Stormcrow suggested we not give up and start using RSO. RICK SIMPSON OIL. she sent us a mountain of Information about it. To make this long story short I made the RSO with one pound of Lemon Skunk from my last grow and immediately started my wife on it.

    Within 3 days she was able to eat a meal and keep it down. Then her excruciating headaches completely disappeared! Her color came back too! However I am smart enough to know all of these good things does not equal being cured. Her first MRI showed the tumor growth had stopped.

    Today, her oncologist repeated the test and her tumors have actually begun to SHRINK!!!! I don't even know how to say thank you to you Granny. I think you helped save my wife's life!
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  2. This is amazing! It is truly a great feeling to know cannabis has been so beneficial to someone. I wish you both the best of luck! Just keep swimming!!
  3. Glad to hear your wifey is feeling better . If only everyone knew about the miracle plant :(
  4. Thanks, we are just so happy tonight! We may have more time!
  5. I am so happy for you. I hope and pray that her recovery continues. :smoke:
  6. This is fucking awesome to hear.
    I hope your wife is brought back to good health and you both live to enjoy another happy 20 years together.

    ~Positive vibes your way.
  7. Awesome, good for you guys :) hopefully they go away completely.
  8. Granny is a bawwwss

    And I'm happy for you bro, good luck in the future!
  9. Thanks for all the positive vibes! You guys are great!
  10. Tears to the eyes man, tears to the eyes. :cry: I'm so happy for you guys! You sound like you really love her, that's beautiful man. Hopefully people will start waking up and realize the medicinal value of Cannabis. Doctors spewing bullshit like that when the person can simply ingest plant matter. Good luck with everything. I hope she's okay. :eek:
  11. GD, that is SO WONDERFUL to hear! :yay:Just keep doing what you are doing! (And you guys wonder why I am such a cannabis fanatic?)

    Do you guys know someone with cancer? Don't you think that they should know about this? Even if cannabis/RSO just relieved the lack of appetite, headaches and other symptoms of cancer, it would be a blessing! As a safe and effective way to shrink the tumors, cannabis is a miracle!

    The post office does not require a return address on envelopes- and you don't need to sign your name to a print-out of a post, or a bunch of articles on their particular type of cancer! (click that first link in my sig for the articles you need)

    You can change someone's world today for the price of a stamp! :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  12. Thank you so much Granny! I am indebted to you for sharing your knowledge with me. Even if I just get one more day with my wife I am thankful and humbled by your kindness.
  13. Best wishes to you and your wife! Awesome story!
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    Thank you guys! It's nice to see such an outpouring of support for us! I'll keep this thread updated with her condition when/as she sees her oncologist.
  15. Best wishes to you and your wife,you are all ready wining this battle :D
  16. Thanks for your support! So far it's been really good news for us!
  17. My wife is still doing great. Still taking the RSO daily. Of course I take a dose every once in awhile. Strictly for scientific purposes though! LOL!! on a serious note, we have spent some great days because the pain is no longer an issue!
  18. haahahahha strickly for scientifik purpose hahaah
  19. Let's keep that good news coming, GD! Always puts a big happy smile on my face!

  20. God damn. This is beautiful, it must be an amazing feeling.

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