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the truth,the whole truth and,nothing.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. oh i know it goes somthing like that.
    i just wanted to say high and tell ya all that im feeling better, i know you were losing sleep. hehe, well maybe not. ;) but i was......
    very short version, almost 4 yrs ago thru about 3 grand in bloodwrk some very smart :rolleyes: dr.s noticed my abnormal...(me abnormal?) t4 counts or some shit which indicates a little problem...3 months into my new problem i became pregnant, all the serious testing had to be put off. since i didnt feel very unhealthy i was like wtf.and blew it all off for atotal of three years. a few weeks ago i finially had this radioactive iodine test so they could see what was what the deal...they found several abnormalities, i thought i had cancer.whew! instead of surgery i now get to be radiated_AGAIN they
    hope to destroy most of my working thyroid and slow my metabolism,(that just cant be good for a person!)...i mention 30 yrs old and heart pills?....thats new too.
    lol im just all feealing sorry for myself
    on a light note im no longer having much muscle pain,....i have been prescribed more muscle relaxers than ive ever seen before. :) anyhow thats that. a noticed a few changes around here....*bows low to the great and powerful poppa*---wait i forgot i dont do that are a wise older man puffy,continue to share your wisdom, teach the boys to be men an all that....ok keep telling them they cannot grow with regular lightbulbs n stuff, hehe...we knew ya when.
    anyhow,so um *waves* hi
    peace an hugs.....
  2. Just rolled back in here myself.

    I was thinkin of you when I wasn't able to come around-last thing I remember you were gettin' ready to go and see what was up.

    I had my checkup recently and am happy to say that I, also, am cancer free!! That's just the "female" doctor-this has no bearing on my mental state!!!!

    I'm glad all is well with you. Now you be a good girl and take your meds like you're supposed to and don't skip seein' you're doc DAMMIT!!!!
  3. *phew* i'm glad BOTH of you don't have cancer!
    radiation is the pits, i had a boss with a thyroid problem and she had to stay away from people for awhile so she wouldn't expose others to the radiation (either that or i'm really gullible and she never told me she was teasing!), but it sure beats having to deal with surgery and/or cancer...

    good luck with the radiation, and yeah, go to the doctor's!
    (i should talk i never go)
  4. High, girl! I was glad to see this update. I've been thinking about ya and wondering what you had found out. I'm so glad you don't have to have surgery and that you have something for your pain. Now listen to stonie jo and ganjaphish and keep with the Dr. so you can get this thing under control!! Love ya,

    PS and watch it with the praise for BPP--I have a feelin his head is big enough!!! ;)
  5. Good to see you back sweetie! Glad everyhting is better on your end.

    And my head can get as big as it wants to. i've been 91 days now without a haircut and have developed a nice honky style afro. All my hats and caps are getting too tight to wear anymore.
  6. Thats good news Highya. I hope they can get your abnormalities normal again.

    I've been to the Dr. office three times in the last two weeks. He has changed my medication again trying to get me fixed. I am beginnig to think not much can be done.

    I hope you get well and visit with us more often!

    Keep in touch!
  7. whew!...just thinking of the possibility i could have had cancer was pretty fuckedup, i smoked ciggs for 10 years...scary,scary shit. im makin and takin all my appointments, i got to im pretty freakin sick. id love to give ya a big were gonna make-it! hug stonie :) then smoke a were gonna make-it !smoke...ahh see those muscle relaxers are nice...look nice highawatha...hehe
    THO my my muscle thing is unrelated to my thyroid,...more do to a uh, bad fall.this will be another fun thing for me, somthing about injections into the not that kind silly...ball/joint/socket...another specialist :rolleyes:
    AND HERES THE GOOD one....
    seems someone scored a little high...ok really high on a silly little stress test, seems someone? has some major depression/anxiety and social issues<ive previously mentioned i have i need a dr. to tell me.
    "we'll work on your brain *wink after we wreck your hormones*wink" at least he didnt try to get a gyno visit this time...:)
    ganjaphish i believe that is true, i will get the "real details but just for this one test i took with a very very small amount of raidoation i was told not to hold my baby,..with this treatment its a larger dose so i bet she wasnt pullin your leg, p.s. is she ok now?...pull thru at a normal wieght an all????? (yea someones a little superficial)
    can a man really have a head big enuff? ;) hehehe
    love higha

  8. *lol* that's the response I expected from BPP!!!

    ((((highawatha)))) and i just smoked a bowl in your honor and sent some positive vibes your way. You and Bud Head, too (((Bud Head))). I know you guys are tough and will come out on top. hehe ;)
  9. Thanks stony for the hugs. I think i ahve sent so much of my good karma to everyone else that I have run out for myself.

    Third specialist and nine prescription changes and still keeping the faith.

    ((((((Stony)))))) (((((Highawatha)))))
  10. highawatha to be honest she had said she gained like 20 lbs, but I didn't notice it really, until she lost it all again and fairly easily, and even then a little more.

    good luck with the radiation, and bud head i hope they find the right mix of meds for you too!
  11. Best wishes to you highawatha and Bud Head. I don't think there is anything worse than health issues. It always makes me count my blessings when you know someone going through health concerns. It makes losing your job seem so irrelevant! All other problems go down the drain.

    It seems so crazy to me that with all the knowledge we have now days, we just can't get some things figured out.

    I'm smoking a bowl in your honor this am as well. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you walk this road with your heads high and may your doctors treat you well. May God give them wisdom and you courage and faith. Keep on keepin on. One step at a time.

  12. more of the relaxers talking maybe.....but i luv you guys and gals!
    your right grace, health concerns put quite a few things into perspective.....i want to get rid of this acne grow up-get old and be a grandmother DAMNIT! thats the plan.
    thanks for always being here 'blades'....(i really liked grassmasters BUT i guess it didnt stick eh?) lol and always listening.....
    see ya all later taters......
    peace,hugs,hope and love :)
    think my dr. knows how much i like these things.....lmao i think he does.

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