The Truth is illegal, not just Cannabis

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  1. and the Truth is...

    everything is preordained, yet indetermined.

    existing, and not existing at the same time.

    dead, but alive.

    its only ever been this one moment, time is an illusion created by the coincidence of life. We are self.

    Everything that has happened, and that will continue to happen, is not 'fate' in the common sense- because its all happening in the NOW.

    nao is tao
  2. u must be trippin balls
  3. Existence is the sum of every "now" lol.
    the past, a record of them, the future, the result of them
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    just some good old Original Vermont Jerry Berry outdoor i scooped a half slice of :smoke:

    its the "electric wheelchair" as they called it in the 80s, super psych with nice body high. it just paralyzes you with ringing trippy euphoria, great for analyzing the moment
  5. Organic Flowers im with you and completely understand what you have to write.

    When you have nothing, emptiness is nourished by everything.
  6. thats a good way to put it. and in reverse, when you think you have everything you feel threatened by nothing.

    as much as these revelations may disturb the masses, one way or another prohibition will end. we need the food, oil, clothing, raw materials from this crop.

    Cannabis is for the healing of nations. Power to the People
  7. wow, that's deep bro

  8. haha nice pick.

    i was thinking about how animals just go about their business not questioning, just living

    then Humans start consciously observing and adapting. first thing we start thinking is wheres God??

    animals be like Dude, you' re Him
  9. very zenful, however after experiencing the human condition for 19 years (lolz) one must realize labeling it an illusion should not be to ignore it all together. this now can on be a better, or worse, now in the future.
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    It's ironic how the ones who take it on themselves to "control" the "fate" (their "future" and their descendants' "past") of others, also are the ones that attempt to deny us truth, while in truth, they are denying themselves the truth. Oh, please open my eyes sweet mary jane!

    Or something stupid like that

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