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The truth behind outdoor harvest dates

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by joeshmoe, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. I was wondering how to figure out/estimate the harvest date of strains online in your outdoor enviromnent. Will plants adjust slightly to the light schedule present in its enviromnent and be ready for harvest earlier/later? It's obvious a person living in a cold climate shouldnt go for slow flowering Mexican/Thai/Indian sativas. Now would a strain that flowers quick(6-8 weeks), with a harvest date close to frost date adjust say 10-15 days?

    Often times harvest dates on seed banks reflect different geographic locations.
    Will a strain that harvests in October at holland have an earlier harvest in a warmer climate?

    I'm guessing when selecting strains, one must really take flowering period compare and contrast, then look at harvest dates and then approximate the variance in location to get a decent approximation.

    This information is also primarily useful for "true Breeds", and not as accurate for hybrids correct(as phenos arent as uniform)?

    Im at 40"latitude so im looking for a quick finishing strainmy frost date is Oct 09 so obviuously i need something to finish before then.

    I'm trying to solve my problems while helping others that are having similar trouble.

    Strains i have selected for my area are: BubbleGum, Mighty Might, Guerilla gold, NL, and of course Barney's Farm LSD.

    I've heard mixed things from people on the forum and its causing great confusion.

    -Hope this might clear things up peace:smoke:
  2. No one? any suggestions? LSD and Mandocino Madness are among my top pics. I also had a brading question if anyone had any insight on the matter, would crossing a potent autoflowering strain with LSD be better or Mandorino Madness. LSD is definitely more genetically stable, but i doubt its ready for harvest in the time its listed at(mid-September). Mandorino Madness has some cinderella 99 in there so crossing it with a female lowryder(will result in some fast finishing plants with some autofloweres). While a male autoflowering strain will produce some 70% autoflowers?
  3. I grow fine on the 40 lat - even though the frost just take them inside or tarp them on your property. If not look at some plants that can take cold tempertures.
  4. So what temp am i looking at for frost temps Steady 32? I live in a humid climate September averages at 78. So what strain would you all recommend?

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