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  1. A Joke for your amusement, feel free to pass this one off as your own - I certainly did.

    Young James comes home from school one day and asks his father -

    "Dad, what's the difference between Theory and Reality ? - My teacher has set it as a homework assignment".

    "Well Jimmy," ponders Dad, "Why don't you ask you mother if, in theory she would fuck the brains out of the local billionaire for $1 million dollars"

    Jimmy thinks for a moment then toddles off to ask his mother the question. A few moments later, he returns and finds his dad in the garden -

    "Mom said yes, definately - for £1 million dollars she'd treat Old Man Maxwell like a rag doll and rip every last bit of moisture out of his flacid fallus. As long as she got the money afterwards"

    Jimmy's dad thinks for a moment -

    "Did she really say all that"

    "And more," Jimmy replies, "But I had to edit what she said because it was really filthy"

    "OK," says dad, "Why don't you go find your sister and ask her the same question".

    Five minutes later, Jimmy returns to the garden and tells his Dad what his 16 year old nubile cheerleader sister Emilly had to say -

    "Fuck me dad," he says "Emilly said she'd grease herself up with two gallons on superlube, take Old Man Maxwell 'and' his two Eastern European Rotweiller dogs in what she can only describe as a pandamonium of sexual depravity and congress - but she does want $2 million for her trouble. Half in advance, the rest to be paid over a 6 month period"

    "Wow," says dad, "Well, that answers your question son!"

    Jimmy looks puzzled.

    "I don't get it, Dad - I still don't know what the real difference between Theory and reality is?"

    "Well son - it's simple - In theory, we're both sitting here right now with access to $3 million dollars of easily earned, cold hard cash."

    Jimmy still looks puzzled.

    "But in reality", finishes Dad, "We're living with a couple of fucking whores - Get your bags, we're leaving".


    I THANK-YOU. I'll Be here all week folks. Try the shrimp - it really is wonderful and remember to tell the head waiter, that Tony sent you.
  2. AHAHA, funny ass shit

    True too

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