The Truth About Racism.....?

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    Film maker Craig Bodeker has created an interesting and important new film, filled with forceful questions and intriguing proof that there has been no conversation about race in America. In fact, he believes that racism has become a tool to attack white Americans. In his opening monologue, Bodeker says that he can't think of an issue that is more important or timely than racism. He also says he can't think of another issue that is more artificial, manufactured and manipulated than this whole construct called racism. Pretty strong words to start a film with, certainly. Also the sort of words that would get someone branded a racist just trying to excuse his own hatred were he a white person (which Bodeker is). But is Craig Bodeker a racist? For his part, he basically says that we all are... yet we aren't. He feels this way because he believes the whole concept is ill defined and used to warp the actual, entirely human relations between Americans. But the biggest problem is that no one even seems to know what it is Of course, the largest racial group in America, whites of European origin, are the target of this tool of intimidation, as Bodeker sees it. Racism is used as a hammer to beat up whites. Bodeker begins by interviewing common folks on the street asking them if they see racism. All included in the film say that they see it every single day in their daily lives. Blacks, whites, other ethnicities, all seem to see this racism in every city in America, as one fellow says. Next Bodeker asks his interviewees to define racism. Yet, few seem to be able to articulate a definition, despite that they claim to see it everywhere. Bodeker finds this a disconnect. Everyone sees it, yet no one seems to know what racism is. In fact, he finds that the word racism has become so elastic that it no longer has any meaning.... ...As an example of the disconnect that Bodeker sees with racism in America, he asks various people of various backgrounds if blacks are naturally better at basketball. All but one said yes. When he asked if whites can be better at anything by definition of being white, the answer was universally no. Bodeker wonders why it is racist to say that whites can be better at, say, Human Relations in a corporation, than are blacks, but it isn't racist to say blacks are better at basketball than whites. It would seem that both positions are racist positions, yet only the anti-white position is approved of. It all fits in with Bodeker's theory that racism is no longer a concept that keeps blacks or other minorities down, but one that is used to attack whites instead. His logic is awfully hard to deny. After all, the original definition of racism is that it is a concept based on the assumption that one race is better, superior, or intrinsically worth more than another. Yet, at every turn Bodeker cannot find any one that says that whites are better than blacks at anything and it is assumed an evil thing to say yet people have no problem saying that blacks are better at basketball or Asians are better at their schooling. Bodeker does a fine job in exposing the confused assumptions, and disconnects that America has over racism. He shows that the conversation about race that Senator Barack Obama was so famous for fostering has not happened at all in this country. This is certainly a conversation that America needs to have, but has yet to engage in and Bodeker's film is a good first step.
  2. That's some solid proof.
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    OP can you summarize the video and give your opinion?
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  4. Yes, this would help. I was going to watch, but too long for me.
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    It's only an hour, watch the first 10 min or so you will be interested, first time ive ever seen this in a film,or published anywhere for that matter, only heard it talked about in person, but never this in depth or articulated so well.

    Not sure how others will react, it may agitate depending on your race.....
    I'm about ready to fall asleep. I'll watch it until I stop remembering, and I hope you'll have some original input into the conversation by the time I wake up.
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  7. I did some reading...Yanno?  The old school way of doin' things.
    And have come to the conclusion that neither you, nor Mr. Bodeker...Have ever been to any hood in the U.S. :cool:
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  8. I didnt watch the vid but i believe racism is more a cultural issues nowadays instead of a "skin color thing"
    At this point in our country if you act right and speak like an actual intelligent human you will get a fair shake.
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  9. I think this vid may put me in a bad mood. I elect not to watch it.
    Please post a video on how to END racism. I'll watch that.
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    I think looking at racism in this manner is kind of like looking through an empty paper towel roll at the Sky.
    This is a problem that needs to be approached by accepting the flaws of society inherently and attempting to resolve the problems that are found, not shove them under the carpet and act like they do not exist.
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    Are you saying this based on the video? I didn't watch it yet. You only know about the hood only if you've lived in it. I was in a class where the teacher played a video that talked about a police program to reform drug dealers and no offense, the whites laughed as the drug dealers talked and they happened to be less educated. None of the blacks laughed from my observation and it was just sad. Apparently, we knew what that life was like and they laughed which showed how they are oblivious to their struggle. I still live in a neighborhood where it's modest, but it's not as bad as it used to be. In the meantime up the street, there is a huge upper middle class/upper class neighborhood being built and I can tell it's a divide. Right across the street are modest 1 story houses and on the next are these huge 2-3 story homes squeezed together.
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    I only caught the first few minutes...Kind of fell out of interest in the overproduction value of an otherwise pretty cheap video.
    Did some diggin' though and picked up a number of articles that mention the dude and generally it just looks like some over privileged racist tryin' to talk about shit his pea-sized brain cannot comprehend.  The truth about racism is that people need to accept that it exists, has existed for most of humanity, and in all likelyhood will continue to exist long after we cease to exist; and in that we need to change what we can and accept what cannot for whatever reason be changed.
    I'm not even black, I'm white...I lived most of my younger years in a government housin' project on the corner of a little city in Utah strife with violence and drugs.  Trust me, racism exists, and is a very real problem that needs a very real solution.
  13. You, however have experience to know a struggle and know how it's toxic. A lot more people need to be aware and stop being so oblivious b/c that's the main issue. As long as it doesn't affect them, then they don't think about it.
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  14. Is our society perfect? this issue getting better? Yes.

    My generation are some of the least racist people to have lived in this country yet. Racism does exist but to "scream racism" for every problem is also a crutch and an issue that needs to be addressed. The problem is you cant say that because you will be called racist. Smh
    That is simply not true, I'm sorry, but that is not true at all.
    Racism is still plenty rife in this country and it seems to only really be picking up speed and fuckin' up fast.
  16. Like i said...its a cultural issue and i have lived in several hoods in this country.
    Who is safer...a black man in a white neighborhood or white man in a black neighborhood. Honestly..racism goes all ways is all i am saying.
  17. Sorry but it is true...i never said it doesnt exist but it is much better than what it use to be.
    Not everyone is out to get you lol
  18. Passes around a jay :mellow:
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  19. The topic for the films participants is "end racism now"

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