The TRUTH About Passing/Failing a Drug Test Using Pectin (Jello Mix)

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    I will start with a little back round. I had smoked roughly 1/3 a gram of high quality bud every day and stopped smoking February 10th, 2012 because I was suffering an addiction to the drug. I smoked 2 hits of dank on March 3rd. I had been looking for a job and got lucky with getting through 2 interviews at Sams Club. Today I had my 2nd interview, the person giving me the interview said to come tomorrow morning at 11am for a job offer and they were going to send me to get a drug test at a lab :D. I bought several drug test, with no concern of failing the test since its been 28 days since regular use that wasn't heavy and only taking 2 hits 6 days ago. However, I failed the test. Since failing the drug test I drank a whole lot of Jello mix (the big box) in a Gatorade (the exact size pictured here Gatorade) after drinking this I had 16.9 fl oz of water and passed the test. I did research and discovered I may and probably have diluted my urine which a lab will be able to discover :mad:.

    My plan for tonight is to drink another large box of jello mix in only 16.9 fluid oz of water once I am positive I flushed the fluids from earlier so it won't be a diluted sample and post the results. I will also post the results of my lab test tomorrow. I understand the Jello method hasn't been proven to work but I don't feel it's been proven to not work either. I have had a close friend I trust pass a lab test and get a job. People online say they pass lab test using it. If they were ONLY diluting their urine like people who argue against this method say then wouldn't a lab be able to tell?

    I ruled out diluting the urine because I haven't been taking Creatine and don't want to fail the tamper test. Seeing as my system should be almost fully clean could I slightly dilute my lab sample and exactly how much water how long before the test would dilute it but not to the point they could tell? Also any other advice on how I could get a little extra push to pass the test would be GREATLY appreciated.

    This is an extremely frustrating circumstance to be in. I really want this job, the people are friendly/organized and it has a nice atmosphere. And I have been clean so long! Is it normal to test positive based on the use listed above (My body fat % is 11.3)? WTF! Failing won't be too big a issue like with probation, but still frustrating finding a job isn't easy right now where I live.

    I still plan on providing information to help debunk the Jello myth with my at home test NOT diluting the urine and drinking a lot of jello, any help/advice on passing the lab test would be GREATLY appreciated...
  2. You can always ask for your friends pee. Hide it in a small bottle or bag which you can easily hide between your butt cheeks or legs that way it'll warm the piss up. Also you could just pee a little into the cup for some coloring and the rest use toilet water.
  3. lol "jello mix" causing people to pass drug tests, now thats a funny one.
  4. rather then do ALL THIS.

    BUY QUICKFIX synthetic urine.

    works 100% for at home test and has worked 3 times of 3 at Labcorp tests.

    never failed me.

  5. I know it sounds funny, however, why are there accounts of success? And I know for a FACT my friend got the job using this method and smoking a night before the test. Maybe it was diluted, but I have also read most labs discover dilution from a lack of Creatinine in the sample so that makes no sense to me. Also there is no real research done on this method proving it works or it doesn't that I can find. I realize I can't have much THC in my system but I plan on providing results from a positively non-diluted sample. And from what I can tell it's my only shot, so why not experiment with it?

  6. I have put a lot of thought into doing this. If the jello experiment I perform tonight fails I will put more thought into it and may even do it. The only reasons I am hesitant is 1) It seems like a pain in the ass 2) Being caught because of failure would be embarassing, I can get a clean sample but have no time to practice even though it doesn't seem hard 3) If the gelatin method works tonight there is less room for error (temperature, hearing evidence of substitution, the bottle leaking (fuck no!) or falling out of place.

    Also I could probably only fit 2oz of urine in a travel shampoo bottle without it being noticeable. Is that really enough? I would guess they would give me a much bigger cup than 2oz and that maybe suspicious I dunno though.
  7. I said I would post results and here they are. The test strip that has clearly a much more faded line was before I drank pectin with a flushed system after drinking 16.9 fl oz of water and the one that has a less faded line is after I drank pectin mixed into 16.9fl oz of water. I waited 6 hours in between these 2 test so there is absolutely no way the test with the faded line was diluted. I haven't proven this method completely with this study, but I feel like it's a step towards proof that pectin does aid in passing a drug test. Who knows why, but who cares if it helps? Maybe it's the fiber, I had crazy diarrhea this morning.

    P1000245.jpg picture by Strike4 - Photobucket


    From what I understand I passed the test because it doesn't matter if the 2nd line is faded. However, my father took the test and has never smoked marijuana. His 2nd line (T) was just as prominent as the 1st one (C). This still means I passed though, right? I am confused why mine is faded and his isn't and if a lab will fail me because of the difference. I would greatly appreciate information on if it being faded and not prominent matters to a lab, or why it's faded?

    I got offered the job and don't have the test until Monday because the lab is closed today. That gives me 3 more days :D. I am being offered 10 a hour which is a lot for me so I REALLY want this job now. What else can I do in 3 days? I already plan on working out cardio 3 hours a day to sweat like crazy. What kind of diet should I have? Are there any supplements that would aid me in 3 days?

    Substitution is not a option. If I wasn't getting a faded line I would consider it, but the risks/consequences seem greater with substitution than with good hydration (not dilution) and pectin.
  8. Dude look up the pills " Azo"
    And search in "drug test and azo pills"

    That could def work as a back up
    And you could buy them at any Walgreens or even target

  9. Stopped reading at "back round"
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  10. ^Then why even post?

    OP I don't know what dumb ass little kids you heard this from but I bet my left nut your jello drink isn't doing shit.
  11. Is substitution for a pre-employment drug test illegal in DFW Texas, or anywhere? Are there consequences to being caught? If I am sent to the same lab by another employer will they notify the employer that I have been caught cheating before?
  12. buy the $40-50 drink and i guarantee it will work.

    jello dude? really? .....

  13. Like I said before the only reason I have confidence in this at all is I had a good friend pass a lab test and get a job doing nothing but drinking gelatin.

    You can clearly see one test strip (after gelatin) is darker and I avoided dilution drinking the same amount of water.

    Maybe it's the fiber? I dunno why it helped me but it appears to have. You could buy the $40-50 AND the gelatin it's only 68 cents a packet and cant hurt you. I thought it tasted really good...

    I had ridiculous diarrhea from the gelatin so it must be loaded with fiber.
  14. If they suspect anything at all they will make you piss again. just buy the synthetic urine or the drink. why worry and risk something as important as getting a job. I assume you are checking your progress with the home drug tests you can buy in stores no? if your not you should.
    The cranberry one

    Look them up
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    Gelatin works, and here is how...

    "Gelatin is fruit pectin, and pectin is a very soluble fiber (i.e. is easily absorbed by water). These fibers have zero nutritional value, however the human body is very accustomed to them. Everything the human body takes in will eventually be released somehow. However, the manner through which this occurs depends on the substance taken in by the body. For example, you’re already well aware that the toxins left behind by marijuana find their way out through your urine. However, fruit pectin is an example of a substance released through a different method. To put it bluntly, you poop it out.

    Why does this matter? Because another common trait of soluble fibers is their tendency to bind to fatty acids, such as bile. Bile is just an icky substance your liver excretes which aids in the digestive process by solubilizing lipids; in other words, by giving fat the ability to dissolve in water. This is where the magic kicks in. Since your body automatically sends fruit pectin to the colon, and fruit pectin binds to the acid which transports lipids (fat cells), the lipids which have absorbed the drug toxins are sent to your colon, and out your butt-hole.

    To help all this make more sense, look at it from your body’s point of view. Under normal circumstances, your body finds it more efficient to send its lipids, and whatever they have absorbed, out through your urine. Understandably, it rejects the prospect of ridding itself of gelatin through the same procedure (imagine trying to piss Jell-O). However, if such a substance binds itself to the acids which transport your lipids, your body would much rather just send those lipids out with your poop. So in other words, this method works by temporarily compelling your body to poop out the toxins. Since no one is gonna be asking you for a sample of your poop (hopefully), you’re in the clear."

    Use Sure Jell, and dilute with 1 liter 4 hours prior to test. Then drink another liter each hour for the next 3 hours.

    Worried about color, take some B vitamins(B12) or vitamin C.

    This will mask and dilute urine, but it still would not hurt if you detox for 5-7 days before test. It can work without if you are a light smoker, but if you got the time and not much cash, this is your best method other than substitution. Also, exercise and a healthy diet are never a bad idea.

    Good luck and happy smoking!
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    Not to be picky, but Jell-o mix is gelatin-based, whereas Certo and Sur-Gel use pectin.
    Gelatin is made from collagen, which is animal based. Pectin is found in the cell walls of plants, and is a different chemical.
    I only bring this up in the name of accuracy, and so someone doesn't end up using Knox gelatin, Jell-o, or any other gelatin product in lieu of pectin, since your success is based on pectin.
  18. I was suffering an addiction to the drug

    those are your words OP, find another lane to run in homie
  19. ok I know this thread is old but my question is new so don't attack me for bringing up an old thread.

    I'm about to take a probation drug test in 8 hours. Too scared to even sleep! I bought 2 package of Sure Jell and ready to drink 2 hours before the test. Questions:

    1) How do I add color to my piss so it wouldn't seem too dilute?

    2) Will this method work if the piss is sent out to a lab?

    Thank you!
  20.  Ok, so after reading these comments, i feel compelled to share my experience. I have tried the jello trick before with success. It was actually pure geletan, so the comments about geletan not being the same as pectin must not matter because it worked for me. I drank a whole packet about 2 hours before my test and I had been smoking fairly heavily for the first 3 weeks of the month. I did not smoke at all for the last week tho. That was several years ago, however, I actually just went to interviews today and they told me i had 24 hours to go to the urgent care hospital and submit a drug analysis. I just chugged a whole cup of jello water and I will be leaving here shortly to go sit in a waiting room to take a drug test. I really need this job, so I am hoping I have the same results as before. I have no reason to think otherwise. It has been atleast 5 days since I last smoked. I will Post again after hearing the results. Happy reading folks, and stay ahead of the system.  -TheMindSlayer

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