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  1. So as I’m setting up my 5x5 tent I’m stuck with figuring out which grow light to start with.

    I’m going to start with only 4 plants and will then go to 8 once the first 4 go into bloom.

    I’ve seen some 1500w blurples for $150-$200
    And I’ve seen some 120w quantum boards for $150.

    I know the benefits of the QB make it better than the blurples but just how much better are we talking?

    I’ve also seen lights like this and wonder if they would be the way to go, maybe get 4?

    I know I can always upgrade as I go along but I want to hit the ground running and hopefully give my first yield more potential.

    What do y’all think?
  2. I think with with just about everything else in's personal preference.....just give each light a look over on specs and it's price...and then pick one. I am currently running the "blurple" LED's as I bought them roughly 3.5 years ago.....I used them maybe 3 autoflower grows...and then they went into retirement as I had to quit growing. They are now out of retirement and I plan on using them until they get "sufficient hours" on them to upgrade. :love-m3j:

    I would really like to get my hands on some good QB's. I haven't personally used them...or personally seen them in action.......but from the small bit of research I have done thus far....and the pics and grow journals I have seen of people using QB's......I'm thoroughly impressed.
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  3. If you can afford them, go to QB's, don't waste your time with anything else.

    But you are going to want to hit the 30-35W/sq ft range
    So for a 5x5 you need about 750-900 W of QB light power to really light it up.
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  4. Those 1500W blurples only run at an actual 250W or so anyway.

    The manufacturers lie.
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  5. No matter which LED lights you buy the Samsung Quantum Boards are the cheapest over buying any other LED light on the market ..
    Actual watts per dollar , no offense but why would anyone buy a light that suggest that it uses X amount of power and produces X amount of light and only to find out after you bought it doesn't do anything close to what it advertised ?
    And the Samsung's use half the energy and produces half the heat as all other LED lighting .
    Its a win win situation .
    Right now until the next stage of new LED technology gets invented, produced , marketed i will only be buying the samsung QB's
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  6. I hear NOTHING but great things about em!!
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  7. Figure $1 per watt for quality lighting. In your case anywhere from $750 - $900.
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  8. Ive never ordered from Alibaba but they got some good deals

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  9. @Zanc420

    If the thought of $750-900 or so to really fill that tent with great lighting doesn't sound great, you could always hang some reflective material (panda plastic, or diamond reflective tent material) and squeeze down your light coverage area to like a 3x5 or so. Hang it loosely just to reflect light, not sealed right up. Maybe a small half wall with reflective stuff?

    Reduces light costs until you can add more later.

    Just an idea.
  10. Get qbs! Those 1500watt amazon blurple will only be 150watts maybe 200 at best!!

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  11. It's not so much a lie as it is some decieving advertising aimed at uninformed buyers. When the manufacturers list something like 1500 watts what that means is the diodes are able to handle 1500 watts. They're ran at less watts so the diodes last. It's pretty shady they advertise them that way but technically they don't say what the 1500 means so lots of buyers fall for it and think it means equivelant to 1500 watts of other lighting. I fell for it the first led I bought. Lots of people on here were bragging about Mars hydro so I made an impulse buy. Boy was I disappointed with their junk
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  12. So glad I smelled the bs a mile away with those overrated blurples. When they first started coming out years ago,way back, they were ridiculous priced. Like the difference between HID and QB now. Finally was convinced to try QBs and they most certainly are worth it. I lucked out and jumped the blurple phase. I have a few UFOs for a small spare tent but 2 were cheap and one was free.

    I had a friend come by one day to show him my 800 panels. I flipped the board over and pointed it at him, and he nearly fell backwards, cringing. They were at about 35% or so lol!
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  13. I I order all my Samsung Quantum Boards from Horticulture light Group.
    You need 28 wats per square foot .
    If you are using samsung QB's tent is 5x5=25x 28 watts per square foot = 700 watts of
    If you are using a blurple you need 48 watts per square foot = 1200 true watts .
    My 300 watt mars lights are actually 111 watts so it would take eleven 300 w mars lights .
    eleven 300 watt mars lights would cost 770.00 $
    600Watt Samsung Quantum board kit is about 550.00 $ QB's heat sinks and power supplier .
    be very easy to add another 100 watts for 150 $
    You do have to wire the light up and I put plexiglass over the LED sid of the board to protect the little diodes .
    And the Samsung's uses 1/2 the power ...
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  14. I want to buy QBs but I'm leery. I've had hids for 30+ years and when I bought a purple everyone was talking them up like they now talk up QBs. We'll see, I'm not going to make an impulse buy like I did with blurps.
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  15. I’d look at qb on alibaba. Check out His are nice and don’t get as hot as standard qb. I’ve seen amazing grows with blurples, the more $$$ ones tho.
  16. . I’d suggest NOT buying from HLG
  17. The reason why is they are the same shit u get off alibaba. Except alibaba comes plug n play for like half the cost. I have over 2k invest in Qb from HLG. They came wrapped in newspaper from China. Ur paying double the price for them to put them in an hlg box. Also check out
  18. I hear ya. Same with me. Grew HID for years. Took a LOT of convincing, probably because I saw so many people disappointed with blurples as I kept getting fat nugs with my HPS.
  19. You got to be kidding ? at least when I buy Samsung QB's. I am actually getting the real Samsung QB and not some knock off out of china .Alibaba makes and sales fake crap .
    Everyone should research Alibaba for product fraud .

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