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The truth about it's addictive properties.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SurfingRob, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. I've just gone through quite a shit storm because of marijuana. I've been smoking for 3+ years every day nothing but buds from the clinic. Some of you know how great and tasty these buds are. Well, about a month ago I was diagnosed with advanced sinusitis. Sinusitis can spread to the brain which it did in my case. After going to the emergency room for passing out for absolutely no reason they Cat scanned me and found the infection. I was put in outpatient service and was forced to inject 1000MG's of heparin every day for two weeks straight because of this infection. The infection was most likely caused by moldy buds from a street dealer somewhere inbetween my medical buds. Sinusitis can be deadly if not caught early and is quite dangerous since the symptoms mimc a cold until you eventually pass out for no reason like I did.

    Because of this I had to quit smoking during my treatment. This is where the problem arises. A few days after I quit smoking I felt like a crack addict gone cold turkey. At first I thought it was a complication because I would wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats, anxiety, chest pains, and extreme shivering. After consulting the doctor he told me it textbook clinical withdrawal. I argued with him that pot couldn't possibly be that addicting. He then brought out 4 cases just in the past month of recovering marijuana addicts. We are fed so much on the internet on how marijuana couldnt possibly get you addicted but the truth is that is 100% completely addictive. I could not deny the real life records he brought of people going through the same thing I was.

    So far it has been a month and I am still plagued with the occassional anxiety attack. It really sucks cause when it happens it feels like my heart is in my throat pounding away and something bad is going to happen to me. The lesson here is to keep marijuana as a reward and not to overdo it. I am still going to continue smoking but when I will start again is another topic. I want to be completely over this.

  2. the thing with addiction is that you can become addicted to anything. whever its physcially addictive or mental, it all comes down to whever you let yourself succumbe to the addiciton no matter how hard it is.

    whever weed is physically addictive or not, its a mind altering drug and obviously has the potential to be highly mentally addictive.

    id say i was addicted to weed in the sense that i love it and enjoy the effects it has on me to the point where i want to do it as much as possible. whever its addcitive or not id still choose to do it everyday anyway, but i dont feel i need it. the times when ive stoped ive survived, but i did miss it.

    i dont think its physciaslly addcitive, but i think thats irrelevent when it can be so mentally addictive. like any drug you have to weight out the advantages/disadvantages and if your not capable of doing that then you shouldnt really be toking.
  3. This is true anything can become addictive when you like it too much. Gambleing, shoping even something like iced tea can become addictive if you like it too much and have it every day.
  4. One word: Alcoholism

  6. I have a cold.. should i be worrying?
  7. It's all mental, bro.
  8. True, it is mental. Anything in excess can become addicting and probably did for you because you enjoyed it so much and now its gone. Don't worry ull be fine
  9. Yeah. I also have a mental addiction to junk type food. I get wierd when I dont have enough in a week.
  10. People are addicted to fucking food, chocolate is widely known as addicting. The brain can addapt to anything and if YOU feel YOU'RE addicted, chances are you probably are. That however doesn't mean that the next person definitley will be addicted or will not.

    Common sense, but drugs affect different people in different ways. Once the drug enters the persons body, it's similarities end at what its chemical makeup is. That is why some people can do one thing in volume, why others cannot. Or why one person can handle drug A. but drug B. makes their friend lose their mind.

    Is it possible you are, yes. But the fact of the matter is, it's not a physical addiction otherwise you would be dead. Clearly, you are suffering a mental addicition and maybe you're just withdrawing the way your mind perceives it should.
  11. I think by what they mean that marijuana isn't addictive is that it doesn't have any chemicals in it that will physically make you addicted to it. Like everyone said though...anything can be addictive.
  12. haha i have the same thing. i'm really paranoid now cause i've had the cold for like a month.
  13. haha thanks. I googled Sinusitis right after i posted so i saw that page already.
  14. mind over matter man...mj's never done that to me and ive been smoking dank/high mids mostly a good 3 years constant, and quit like just recently for almost 60 days with ease due to a ticket i got and random drug testing. I like to think very highly of my self control, and actually just realise its jsut my mind that wants it, and i really dont need it. Its really easy if you put your mind to it. I used to do coke alot awhile back, and i guess you could say i was an addict, but will power is definately a factor in quitting, and will power i have. Now cocaine is something i like every once in awile (1-2 times a month at most and sometimes not even at all) And i can control myself with ease due to having confidence within my self and realising its all just sort of... bleh i dunno :confused_2:... i just lost my train of thought, and it is way hard to explain. But just hear me out, believing in yourself goes a long way. :yay: I hope this has helped you out some, and i wish you luck with your so called "marijuana addiction", because in my book addiction is something for the weak willed(no offense). :p

    edit: only thing i noticed after i stopped smoking was it was harder to get to sleep at night.
  15. Mental addiction isnt addiction, its a dependency, your brain thinks you need it to survive when in reality you dont. Your not gonna go thru hardcore withdraws like you woul would crack or heroin. Now weed is real high in the dependency dept., cause while you dont need the substance to survie anymore, not having it (pot) makes life really hard to live with for a couple a days.
  16. Just b/c the doc brings out charts that say its addicting, that really means nothing, He can just be trying to get you to quit, I know people that have smoked for over 25 years and can stop for a while(like weeks) if they need to no crazy headaches or anger problems just bummed until they can smoke again. N.E who, Hope you get all your medical issues fixed up bro. JOE>
  17. Weed is mostly a mental addiction. Although there are some mild physical addictive properties (caused by it's use not by addictive chemicals in it like tobacco). As you blaze it up regularly your brain and gets use to the surge of THC (thats why you get less and less high the more you smoke). While your brain is getting use to this THC surge some of your neurotransmitters change in the amount your body produces (due to the fact it's getting similar effects from the THC or it causes other transmitters to over or under produce). Over time as you stop smoking your body kind of feels out of wack because it hasn't had it's THC fix and some of your neurotransmitters are being produced out of proportion. This causes you to want weed so you can feel normal for a couple of days after you smoke. After a month or two your brain should readapt to it's normal settings and eventually it will function as if you've never smoked before. Thats why I love pot. Aside from the fact you can get cancer by smoking (cigs do that too), it's virtually harms free and for the most part the damage done to your body is totally fixable in time.
  18. I've gone through serious addictions, I'll admit.

    You wouldn't believe how bad of withdrawal I went through when my internet didn't work!:p
  19. i was addicted to pork rinds for like 2 weeks

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