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  1. Ok this is to those who beilieve that there is an all knowing God who interferes with our Earth.

    Let's just pretend that there is to be discovered an unalterable, unamendable FACT which proves the existence of God, and not just any god, THE Christian God. If all things remain true about his existence, his actions as described in the bible, our natural scientific facts about the world around us, do we not at this point realize that worshipping this tyranical God would be total submission to a malevolent, demon like God? Specifically, God allows billions of people around the globe to subsist on this earth without ever even having an oppurtunity to hear the story of Jesus one which he demands of his followers be familiar with and fully accept. He has provided no evidence AND given us the faculty of reason with which to understand that evidence is crucial in decision making. Also, he has provided a HUGE amount of counter evidence to deny his existence like the vastness of our universe, the seeming meaninglessness o our little rock and thousands of scientific processess like carbon dating which all add up unequivocally by applying the only faculty with which he gave us to understand these things : reason.

    Finally, he will punish us ETERNALLY if we make an easy to make mistake, in fact an encouraged mistake, in only 100 years TOPS of existence.

    He's evil. The devil. A spoiled brat, malevolant tyrant.:eek:
  2. The God of the OT is what you just described to a tee.

    And as much as I like some of Jesus' teachings (I'm agnostic/atheist), Jesus still (according to the bible) says he and the OT god are one and the same.

    So if that's the case...

    But in all reality, the reason why you are writing the OP is BECAUSE the god - as known in the bible - does NOT exist.

    Does A god exist or a creator or an architect? Who knows.

    But I will tell you what does NOT exist - the god from the bible. The OT.

    Jesus? Maybe he was real. No other proof besides the bible that he existed. But Jesus as god or the God?

    I don't think so.

    I don't think anyone can know FOR A FACT if a god exists or doesn't exist at this point in time. But if there is a creator of some sort, I don't think IT would make choices and send this person to hell or even be sentient enough to acknowledge these things.

    Maybe "God" is Nature on a Universal scale. It just does. It just is.

    Maybe. Maybe not.
  3. God works in mysterious ways :smoke:
  4. Sure it does, CKTony. Sure it does...
  5. Trust me, I speak God's word

  6. Right, bro...

    Hey - look over there! What's that?!!


  7. Well first off, I'm not a Christian, but I am not necessarily an agnostic, I believe in my own God, He or She I know is my creator, I don't need a bible to tell me this. I also don't need to let the bible tell me about this God, because one thing is for certain, words, even in the bible, does not specify enough what these metaphysical things are. And what this God is, is evident. This God is wanting, and needing. So He or She caused the Big Bang, and organized the chaotic explosion into what we see today, He or She dispersed their own soul to create the heavenly entities, and the earthly entities. In doing so, we are all like God, because not only did He or She create us in their image, He or She dispersed their image unto us. And I can only imagine what brought evil into this world, maybe just bad intentions specifically. But why would a God create such a lovely thing, just to have it destroyed intentionally? Then all of that work would have been in vain, and would torment this God, who I've noticed does have a conscience.

    Now here is the true question that seems to have arisen, does God have a conscience?

    I say yes, because of my conversation, not to Christ, but to God directly. And He or She has listened to me. Call it the law of attraction, but how can it be so diverse, where it was just that inert? Which must mean that there is a God controlling my attractions!

  8. At one point you say "One thing is for certain, words, even in the bible, does not specify enough what these metaphysical things are" Here you are making a claim that some things are too mysterious to be know, beyond the realm of human understanding. Ok fair enough except that you go on to not only claim to understand very specific things about God and the universe.

    Also, this notion that "all life is beautiful, human life is beautiful, the world is so intricate and beautiful", doesn't make sense. How are you defiing beauty, something that is imprtant to you? Subjectively? As a Human? Of course human life appears to be beautiful to us, if it didn't we would die out, thus it's en evolutionairy illusion not some objective fact. Let's get real man nothing is intrinsically beautiful.
  9. Your consciousness is god.
  10. Yes. Thank you
  11. Care to elaborate?

  12. You are God.
  13. Do you really want him to?
  14. God is used to describe everything, total unity, just like the universe. If the universe consists of everything, that means you are the universe, a fragment of god. We all share a consciousness, a state of awareness that is always experiencing from many different points of perception. You're given a sense of individuality and separateness, from ego. That's why we perceive life as we do, otherwise, we'd just be asleep, in a state of unity.

    By reducing your ego, you become more in tune with your consciousness, with a higher understanding of existence/love. You lose your sense of fear and doubt and convict loving beliefs that all humans would logically conclude to.

    God is your consciousness. Your consciousness is love. Ego is hate, doubt, division. Consciously kill your ego (rather than death doing so for you) and you can defy logic however you believe, you become god.
  15. Did I say all things are intangible?

    All I basically said, was that the bible does not describe enough, of what exists!

    All I said was, life is 'lovely', and it is, if you can't appreciate life, what is the point of living?

    Are you implying that my perceptions are false? Get real man, life is what you make of it, if life is sour to you, it's because you make it that way.
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    If a person hasnt heard of Jesus then they cant deny the gospel to begin with. Jesus didnt say that these people would go to hell. Its not up to us to make that judgment.

    Where does it say you will be punished eternally for an "easy mistake"?

    Even serial killers and rapists can go to heaven.
  17. Actually ready original post. Easy mistake as in denying your bat shit crazy gospel with the faculties of reason that this "loving creator" gave us.
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    Having doubt about it may be fine as long are you're genuine and open about learning and understanding it.

    I wouldnt say its easy to outright reject it, how could you know without a doubt that Jesus did not exist? The least you could do is stay open minded or admit that you dont know. It takes a large amount of faith to reject it.
  19. Word.
  20. Just curious but by do you think that a god would be a gender? And if the god has a gender would that mean there are more than one so they could procreate? And then who says they have to follow basic I love dabs

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