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The truth about eating marijuana, RAW

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Perihelion, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. No, I'm not here to provide you with the truth, but instead to share my theory on the topic.
    So I was pondering the way that our bodies receive the cannabinoids found in marijuana, and how marijuana would even have the cannabinoids in the first place and I began to form a puzzle of sorts. The cannabis plant primarily forms THC on it in order to protect against UV light rays, correct? Now, by some fluke human beings have THC receptors in them, thus there is a connection between the THC in cannabis and human consumption of cannabis. SO, I thought to myself WAIT A SECOND, that alone is strange, but how in the world could human beings have developed to know that THC was going to be vaporized or cooked into an edible fat or oil?

    This leads to my 'hypothesis' of sorts. Do we not have THC receptors in our bodies to receive the THC found in cannabis WITHOUT IT BEING HEATED, ETC? Thus it must be possible for the THC and other cannabinoids in cannabis to be RECEIVED purely through consuming the plant raw?

    I hope this was easy to read, it wasn't easy to write:smoke:.

    Now, what I'm looking for is your intelligent responses back. I don't want people to come and post things like 'LOL USE SEARCH BUTTON, YOU CANT EAT WEED AND GET HIGH'. I have read trillions of those posts. Please offer forth to me your greater knowledge of the working of cannabinoids and the human body.

    As of now, despite never having tried it myself, I believe it is possible to get high purely from eating marijuana based on the above written. Change my mind:D
  2. well if you dont want us to tell you anything you already know, try it urself
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    this is sort of pointless man. You already know people are gonna tell you eating it raw wont get you high, and if you dont believe me try it urself.

    Besides, if you were able to get high from eating it then it would have been the first thing we did to get high.
  4. the THC is marijuana is not the same THC that we have receptors for.
    It has a carboxyl group on it (an extra CO2H), and when you burn marijuana that combusts and "leaves", changing the molecule into its active form. Hope this helps.
  5. You can get high eating raw weed, but only about 10% as high as you'd get if you cooked the same weed. Some of the THC is in it's active form but most is not.
  6. You can get high eating weed, as OSG said. Eating used to be the primary method of hash consumption, and still is for a few people, depending on where they live.
  7. Ahhh, last three people, your responses were all greatly appreciated. Unlike those first couple posters you had something intelligent to add. Thank you all for clearing some of the fog surrounding this. I would still be greatly interested to know the detailed science behind the whole thing :)
  8. My last harvest I ate an eighth raw. I got pretty high. I would have been higher if I cooked it.

  9. more or less what i was going to say so +rep to you,

    i should also point out heat is only one way to kick off the COOH group. the problem application of a week acid will also do the trick and could be even more effective because any heat you add will break up a % of the good THC also. im sure about it working also but not sure about it working better, but i've got a crap load of organic chem under my belt and it makes alot of sense.

    i've read a few well made totorials that treated buds in lemon juice before making green dragon, this seams to be very effective from the acounts i've read.
  10. thanks for the rep :D
    could i get a link to that green dragon tut?
  11. i ate weed once.

    we got pulled over with a half oz in the car so like 4 people split it raw.
    i was already really high, but i definitely felt higher.

    of course that might have been the adrenaline rush of having two cops search the car with a pipe down my pants.

    but i do know for a fact you get high off pot brownies.

    but then you puke. alot.

  12. eating it raw will get you high but WAY less high than coking it into an oil or butter. the reason it works better in butter is that thc is fat soluble. it sticks to fat cells in butter and is then fast tracked to the receptors in your brain. the oldschool way of making special brownies was to just dump the weed in. never eatin it raw myself but id guess that it'd take a quad eaten raw to get the effects of a gram made into cannabuter and put in anything
  13. When my buddy went to Jamaica back in april he ate a half oz of some pretty decent bud, but it didn't do anything to him.

    I know that if you eat hash you can get high too
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    nice try but thc is only a partial canabinoid antaganist which means that it coincidentaly but does not perfectly stimulate our canabinoid receptors... it wasn't MADE for our brain... however cp55940 thats a full anagonist... shit fucks u up

  15. Smoking is a lot more efficient (time-wise), which is why we do that instead of eating it... but the effectiveness of eating weed has been proven countless times in my own painstaking brownie experiements =D It seems most effective dissolved in fat or alcohol (vodka or rum works best, to my taste!), but you can eat a raw bud and it'll do the trick. It sticks to the teeth pretty bad though, and I recommend grinding it up to increase surface area for speedy metabolizing =D Using canna-butter in different foods is most effective for pain relief that I've found; there is none of the potential "stuffiness" occassionally associated with smoking the herb.
    Best of luck, keep asking people about their experiences, but don't forget to venture on your own as well: personal experience is much finer.
  16. I have two friends who got pulled over and had a half ounce brick of hash in their car. My friend says it was about the size of a Blackberry Pearl. The kid that was driving splits the brick into halves, hands a half over, and says to my other friend "Here, eat this." Both of them swore to me that about a half hour or so after they each ate (a quarter) of hash, they said they were both so high they were almost comatose and tripping. And these kids aren't newbie smokers by a long shot. They're like myself and smoke basically every day several times a day.
  17. Your friends were lying, they didn't eat half an ounce of hash.

    You wouldn't even have time to eat half an ounce of hash before the officer got to your car.
  18. one time when i was breaking up my weed i had to get up to find the papers. my bearded dragon was running around on my bed and he was going through a phase where he would try and eat anything green. i turned around just in time to see him take mouthfull of the lovely greens lying on the magazine on my bed. kinda not related but whatever, this thread reminded me of it so i thought id share.
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    The "heating process" is better known as decarboxylation.

    Decarboxylation removes a carbon dioxyde molecule group from THC-acid, converting it to THC-delta9. In the plant itself, THC is present as THC-a(acid).

    The important thing to know is that while decarboxylation occurs very quickly and effeciently at high temperature, decarboxylation still happens slowly at room temperature.
    Because it happens slowly at room temperature, depending on how old your herb is, the dried MJ will always have some small amount of decarboxylated THC-delta9 in it.

    If you eat the MJ raw, this small amount of decarboxylated THC is what you'll feel effects from. It works, but it is very ineffeicient when compared to heated preparations.

    To answer your hypothesis, its very probable that the first people to figure out that marijuana effects your mind and body were people who ate the plant raw.

    I'd also like to point out that absorbtion into fat is not necessary to ingest THC. Absorbtion into fat is only useful if you want to seperate THC from the plant matter, the fat will suck it out of the leaves and resin glands.
    Fat absorbtion is also the best way to get THC into one of the main ingredients for popular food dishes- IE butter and or oil.

    You can pop a nug in the microwave for 30 seconds and it will be way more potent that way.
    You can do the same with hash and its incredibly effective. Just make sure the hash is thin and paper like, and your herb is ground up fine for maximum surface/heat contact.
  20. co-sign...i think that it is possible to get high from raw weed but in theory, you need to heat marijuana up to release the thc correct? Well your body is a constant 98.6 degrees, and ive never been IN a stomach but im sure if you ate enough weed so that your stomach acid wouldnt completelly just eat the buds up clear it from your stomach, so my theory is
    -yes you can get high from raw weed, but like oldskool said 10% sounds like a plausable number because our stomach acid is some pretty nasty stuff and only eating bud in small amounts like an 1\8th or less im sure you wouldnt get much if any buzz from it, COOK that shit! Then eat it, You will def save yourself from waisting weed lol.

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