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  1. This is a recent excerpt from the good people at NORML blog and also from intelligent scientists. This is a really interesting bit of information pertaining to the anti-cancerous effects of Cannabis and the misunderstood effects of the high it produces. This information is defenitely vital to our cause.


    For 35 years scientists have known that naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant possess potent and selective anti-cancer properties, a fact that I have documented extensively in previous writings here, here, and here.

    Yet for more than three decades the scientific study of these anti-cancer effects has remained almost exclusively limited to preclinical in vitro (in a petri dish) and in vivo (in lab animals) analysis, rather than clinical (human) study. Why? A just published review in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology provides an answer

    Sounds promising, huh? Well it is - that is, until you get to this:

    And just what are these terrible “unwanted effects” - effects so “problematic” that we must continue to forbid scientists from clinically studying the drug's effects in cancer patients? I'll let the authors explain.

    You read that right. The ‘problem' with cannabinoids anti-cancer abilities is that patients might temporarily feel better after they take them!

    Now contrast mainstream science's feigned concern with the so-called ‘unwanted effects' of the natural cannabis ‘high' with the actual side-effects of the pharmaceutical cannabinoid antagonist drug rimonabant (aka Acomplia), which was recently withdrawn from the European market because of the the drug's link to depression and suicide.

    Let's review shall we? Natural plant selectively kills cancer, but it may also get you high = “problematic.” Synthetic pharmaceutical drug short circuits the body's natural endocannabinoid system and will likely make you depressed and suicidal = “opportune.”
  2. *bump* C'mon guys. Seriously, out of the 21 people who read this post, no comments?
  3. Quite an interesting read. I definitely find it alarming that there is no click in people's brains with the whole "side effects" issue. My father's kitchen cabinet might as well be a pharmacy with everything he has to take and the side effects of those drugs can often be so harsh that he can't function correctly. It's very hard to understand the thought process these people must be going through when making such statements.
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    I think it's fantastic news! "cannabinoids also reduce angiogenesis, cell migration and metastasis, inhibit carcinogenesis and attenuate inflammatory processes." That's great! Too many people get cancer, fight cancer, die from cancer...any weapon is a good weapon. I myself actually lost an eye to cancer when I was just two years old (to a retino-blastoma).

    Now, to say that the 'high' could be a problem for some patients seems to be to be self evident. Some people are just not comfortable feeling high, or drunk, or anything even remotrely like that. I have no problem with that whatsoever. For instance, I love rollercoasters, but I've seen people reduced to tears and blind panic at the thought of getting on one.

    My ride doesn't need to work for you, yours doesn't need for work me. What I think the article points out is that pot should be legalized, end of story. Smoke it you want, eat if if you wish, take it into your laboratory and pull out the bits you wish to use to help the's all good. Make paper and oil, save the forests, there's enough good here to go around. Certainly if the benefits can be made into a pill for cancer patients that's a good thing, and only a good thing.

  5. Why are people so "cautious" about the relatively mild side effects of cannabis when you get nasty hangovers and brain damage from alcohol, and various cancers from tobacco? Science is in favor of marijuana, why can't they realize that?

    The government knows that they are fighting a losing battle, legalization is inevitable, but they are using these outrageous excuses in order to buy time, because they really don't want it legalized, mostly due to the greedy little bitches in the alcohol and tobacco industries.:mad:

    Just had to rant about it.
  6. Ohh no wonder this looked familiar, saw this on the NORML page as well, got me pretty angry reading it too!

    "Let's review shall we? Natural plant selectively kills cancer, but it may also get you high = “problematic.” Synthetic pharmaceutical drug short circuits the body's natural endocannabinoid system and will likely make you depressed and suicidal = “opportune.”

    That sums it all up right there, the number one reason marijuana is so feared and hated and is not an effective 'medicine' to some despite what all the studies show: it gets you high.
  7. But what about Hemp Oil? you get all the benefits of cancer killing cannibinoids, without getting high.:eek:

    Problem solved.:hello:
  8. People are REALLY brainwashed these days. I constantly argue in pro for legalization with family, all of those whom are against it actually, and even when all of science is truly on MY side, I'm still beat at the 'its illegal' argument.

    I say we give these guys who are doing the studies a little more money for publicity.
  9. That is a good read and a great post man, + rep.
  10. "unwanted psychotropic effects"

    while 'psychotropic effects" is scientific fact, 'unwanted' is subjective opinion. this method of swaying or reinforcing a presupposed pov is a tool used subconsciously by 99.9% of humans. not only does it misdirect the original topic away from factual science, it also distorts and ultimately sabotages reality and truth. you might think I rant on obscure menutia, boring details and nit-pickery, but the fact is your reality and truth are always usurped by emotive fluff. most people can never truly make rational, logical decisions because they are perpetually swamped with language that forces a predetermined conclusion. your choice, your opinion, your vote is constantly bombarded by misinformation and blatent lies.
    I say all this because I, like most everyone else here, want marijuana legalized. but in order to do so we must face the truth head-on and not be afraid of it. yes, marijuana causes social and cognitive disorientation. yes, it is not safe to toke and drive. yes, marijuana undermines education in a myriad of ways. but also, yes, it is a fact that marijuana does not cause aberant social behaviour. yes, it is a fact that marijuana is not a stepping-stone drug. yes, marijuana is possibly the most versatile and beneficial plant on our planet. and yes, marijuana has wanted psychotropic effects.
    the struggle to legalize marijuana doesn't need emotional support. the unadultered facts scream that an injustice has been done on both people and planet.
    avoid subtle deceptions, just the facts, ma'am.
  11. Alright mooner. But some people like me and most of the people I toke with are not impaired at all when we smoke. I function better after a bowl than before. Driving is easier and more enjoyable. Doing school work is easier and more enjoyable. The only time I wouldnt be able to function normally is when Im peaking after taking a huge rip and have to lie down but Im never that high for very long. Usually that feeling lasts only 10 minutes or so. Most of the people I smoke with are the same. Only a few people I know say they can't drive or can't act straight after they smoke.

  12. Read between the lines and you'll realize that unlike all the "Doctor Approved" medication there is on the market, Cannabis seems to be the only Medicine that can cure unwanted ailments caused by illnesses and make you feel good in the process.

    This in turn can be very dangerous to the cash cow we call, "The Pharmacy."

    Once again, it's all about money. That's what it has always been about since the beginning of prohibition.
  13. The total utilization of cannabis is by far the most important issue mankind has to deal with. It's not about legalization, it's about USING it. Industry, medicine, and even recreation. Those three things can save the world.
  14. That's a great pick up on the detail about the addition of the effects being 'unwanted', i personally never gave it much more thought than that but you're absolutely right, that little extra word in itself is enough to show that this article/study is obviously biased, very well said on your part

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