The Trump - McConnell Show down

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  1. All this chatter about street rabble on both sides, we are watching a dumpster fire while the town is burning. We are ignoring the angry midnight phone calls McConnell is getting from an out of control Trump. I Understand now they aren't even talking to each other. Most of Trump's anger is not over policy, it over what he believes is McConnell's failure to protect him from the Russia investigations. We now have powerful republicans with Impeachment on their tongues. In so many words, McConnell let it be know that the quickest way for Trump to be impeached is to continue meddling in his senate elections.
  2. Impeached for what?
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  3. For messing with Mitch. Big Don keeps up his psycho attacks against Mitch and his Senate, Mitch will personally help Mueller frog march Trump out of the WH.
  4. Saying mean things about a senator with a 17% approval rating is a crime?
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  5. James Clapper thinks Trump is ready to be sectioned:

    Donald Trump’s access to the nuclear codes is “pretty damn scary”, a former US intelligence chief has said, calling Trump’s rally in Arizona on Tuesday night “disturbing”.

    James Clapper, director of national intelligence (DNI) for seven years under Barack Obama, questioned the US president’s “fitness to be in this office” after his demagogic performance in Phoenix, and expressed anxiety about Trump’s power to launch nuclear weapons without consulting Congress or any other official.

    Bob Corker:
    The Republican chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, Bob Corker, said last week that Trump “has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful”.

    Peter Westmacott, a former UK ambassador to Washington, said on Twitter that the rally showed “shades of 1933 Germany”.

    Ex-intelligence chief: Trump's access to nuclear codes is 'pretty damn scary'
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  6. [​IMG]

    Give this guy immunity (as requested, per Flynn), and see how quickly Trump is removed from his throne...
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  7. You don't give the Turtle man too much credit do you? Want to try Obstruction of Justice instead? There are senators including Mitch that Don has also tried to pressure to keep these Russian investigations off his tail.
    Mitch has already sent a shot over Trump's bow, warning him to back off or else.
  8. Chuck Grassley's Judiciary Committee, spent 10 hours on Tuesday behind closed doors questioning the people behind the "Infamous Trump dossier. Doesn't sound like a whole lot of nuthin as the Right has claimed it to be. The researchers stand behind their work.
  9. A battle literally no one cares about. At the end of the day, McConnell will fall in line when other conservatives start tapping on his shoulder that he is talking too loud.
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    Didn't Clapper lie under oath about the Obama administration spying on citizens? Don't know if he has any place to talk here..

    You need to remember that these intelligence heads are appointees and are political figures.
    Clapper saying that holds as much water as Schumer or Pelosi saying it.
    Fitness for office will be impossible to prove in a court.
    That being said.. If he committed a crime, then good riddance.
    Otherwise it's 2.5 years and we can vote him out.

    This is all reminiscent of what the Republicans did to Clinton in the 90s.
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  11. Any idea why democrats are trying to block testimony on this?
    You'd think they would welcome it.
    (serious question)

    Grassley Blasts Dems For Blocking Hearing On Trump Dossier
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  12. Glad you are using Liars and the critical deciding factor of who to believed in Washington. That should separate the wheat for the chaff. LOL
    Clapper is putting to words what many people feel already.
  13. No I give McConnell no credit at all for anything.
    He's hated more than trump is, and couldn't get a simple bill through with a majority in place.

    Why would anyone think he could accomplish anything?

    I really am not a trump guy at all, he's without question an embarrassment.

    But jeez dude.. It's a couple more years and we can vote again..
    Hang in there man.. You can do it.

    Let's hope we have a better choice on the other end this time, and let's hope people actually show up at the polls and not just at the protests.
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  14. You know you are talking to a political junkie don't you? We already know how fractured and inept the GOP is. What Big Don and the Turtle Man are arguing about is not policy. Trump would be happy to sign anything repubs put in front of him. This is personal. McConnell's nbr one job is to keep his job and his senate Republican and IMO quite capable of taking Don down. The warning shot has already been fired by Bill Piper, McConnell's former C of S.
    It won't be long now.
  15. I tend to not believe people who lie. Whether it's trump or clapper or anyone. A guy who lied about something as important as spying on US citizens really shouldn't be taken to seriously, especially since he's a political figure from the opposition party.
    It pretty obvious that the dude has some sort of mental issues.. But good luck proving it in court and getting him thrown out of office for it.

    I'd rather just deal with trump for another 2.5 years than get pence in there and risk him getting reelected.
  16. Yes, which is why I dig bullshitting with you about politics.
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  17. I could care less what Clapper said last night, I listened to him for a only a minute. He is just another talking head on TV. If you think he is lying by saying he is worried about Trump have the nuclear codes, that's your choice.
  18. No I don't think he's lying. I just don't think he's an unbiased source. It's no different than if Maxine waters said it.

    And he should know more than anyone that trump can't just go off on his own and launch nukes.. So it's political talk and scare tactics and nothing more.
  19. If you ever find an unbiased source let me know. In the mean time we have ourselves to filter what we can.. On the nuclear codes in Trump's hot little hand, you are in some serious denial. The only way Trump could be stopped from going nuclear is disobeying him.
  20. Kind of..

    Only the President can direct the use of nuclear weapons by U.S. armed forces, including the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP). While the President does have unilateral authority as commander-in-chief to order that nuclear weapons be used for any reason at any time, the actual procedures and technical systems in place for authorizing the execution of a launch order requires a secondary confirmation under a two-man rule, as the President's order is subject to secondary confirmation by the Secretary of Defense. If the Secretary of Defense does not concur, then the President may in his sole discretion fire the Secretary. The Secretary of Defense has legal authority to approve the order, but cannot veto it.[1][2][3]
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